Letters from Lightstone: Sites and Sounds of Israel, Part 12

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Follow ZoomerMedia’s Marilyn Lightstone as she travels to Israel this summer to bring you first-hand coverage of this culturally-rich country. In this dispatch, she sends a letter to her friend Gail Goldman.

Dear Gail,

Thanks again for helping me get my travel documents ready for my trip to Israel. When one’s printer is down, what else can a girl do but rely on the kindness of friends.

You certainly had more than enough on your plate helping Moses get ready for ideacity, which I hear was AMAAAAAZING!

We arrived in Tel Aviv just as everyone was preparing for the Sabbath and the Carmel Market was hopping with both tourists looking for souvenirs (of which there seemed to be an enormous choice, sold by the very artisans who had created them), and the good folk of Tel Aviv buying food and flowers for their Sabbath tables.

It was a delight to discover this lovely Lady offering Thai massages. I zoned right out in her chair, and after 20 minutes felt refreshed enough to get myself a banana, mango and carrot smoothie from one of the four handsome young men you see in one of the photos accompanying this post.

I also MUST say that the fruit and vegetables everywhere you go in this miracle of a country are delicious!

More to, come…


Marilyn Lightstone is the host of the nightly radio series Nocturne on the New Classical 96.3 (a ZoomerMedia property).