Things change. Has your perception of medical cannabis changed with the times?

Things change over time. Although medical cannabis has now been legalized for a number of years, perceptions and opinions have lagged behind. Emblem Cannabis wants to change that.

Emblem wants to address the stigma attached to medical cannabis by providing real-time education for Canadians who have questions but have never had the right resources to answer them.

That’s where comes in. It’s an educational experience that allows you to talk to a live educator from one of Emblem’s clinic partners in real-time. You can have a chat through video, text or phone call and clear up any questions you have.

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Emblem Kin SlipsTM – Cannabis-Infused Sublingual Strips

Emblem recently introduced a new innovative way for patients to take medical cannabis called Kin Slips. Kin Slips are compact and portable cannabis-infused sublingual strips that are designed to dissolve UNDER your tongue to deliver a precise and fast-acting dose. The carefully-crafted blends are formulated with cannabinoids, terpenes, and natural ingredients, and designed for consistent experiences.

Emblem Vape 510 Vape Cartridges

In early October, Emblem also released their first line of vapes to their cannabis portfolio. Emblem vape cartridges are inspired by their signature cultivars. Their custom-made, proprietary terpene blends, mixed with  CO2-derived cannabis distillate, deliver robust flavours and unique, repeatable effects.

Vapes provide a fast-acting, discreet, and convenient option to administer medical cannabis when a combustion-free, quick onset is desired. Their cartridges have no fillers or artificial flavours and are capped with a ceramic mouthpiece to ensure a comfortable feel and clean, unaltered taste. Emblem cartridges feature a glass tank and ceramic heating coil that are compatible with any universal 510-thread battery.

Same-day Medical Cannabis Delivery

Emblem is now offering fast direct-to-door delivery service, offering safe, secure, and on-time delivery of medical cannabis. While Emblem offers fast, nation-wide home delivery, those who reside in select GTA areas can expect their order as fast as same-day (if ordered before 12PM).

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