104 Year-Old “Yarn Bomber,” Likely the Oldest Street Artist

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Knitting has become synonymous with grandmothers. When we think of grandmothers knitting, we imagine someone knitting cozy, colourful sweaters or blankets for their grandchildren. However, Grace Brett, a 104-year-old great-grandmother, has taken her knitting and crocheting skills to the streets.

Brett and a group of other women in Scotland have formed a team of “guerrilla knitters,” called “yarn stormers.” They’ve decorated local landmarks in the streets of Scotland with crochet and knitted art. The unique street art project is part of a week-long art festival in Scotland.

Some work knitted by 104 year old Grace Brett. Women from Selkirk, Ettrickbridge and Yarrow, in the Scottish Borders who are a team of "guerrilla knitters" have decorated local landmarks with crochet and knitted art. See Centre Press story CPKNIT. A 104 year old knitter who has Ãyarn bombedà her local town is thought to be the world's oldest street artist. Grace Brett is a member of a secret band of guerilla knitters, who have bedecked their town in artful knitting. Called the Souter Stormers, the group hit various landmarks in Selkirk, Borders, with their yarn work last week, following hours of preparation. Members of the yarn bombing team are mainly over 60, but Grace à the oldest à has lived over a century.
Some work knitted by 104-year-old Grace Brett.

Some people have even taken to calling her somewhat of a “Banksy” in the neighbourhood. But while she isn’t tagging walls with graffiti cans, the great-grandmother is quite fond of her form of street art. “I liked seeing my work showing with everyone else and thought the town looked lovely,” she said.

Here is a video of Brett talking about being a “yarn stormer,” and the art she’s created for the festival.