Fashion & Lifestyle Tips From Instagram’s Glam Grannies

Glam Grannies

Photo: @sciuraglam/Instagram.

They say Italians do it better. But Italian grandmothers do it best — that is, when it comes to style.

The fashion world recently discovered Sciuraglam, the Instagram account which documents the older, glamorous women of Milan going about their daily business. Because “scuira” is Milanese slang for “rich woman,” most of the pictures depict perfectly coiffed grannies of obvious means and wealth.

So who exactly is behind this Instagram account with an eye and appreciation for stylish older ladies? Turns out he’s a university student studying dentistry, known only as Angelo and hails from southern Italy. According to an interview he recently did with British Vogue, only his subjects know his real identity and he wishes to remain anonymous. “I didn’t start this to be famous,” he said. “I want the account to be focused on the women, not me.”

He first started taking pictures of stylish nonnas (Italian for “grandmother”) on his cellphone back in 2016. “I didn’t have a real reason to start it, I just fell in love with these iconic women in Milan,” he said.

He admits he was shocked at first by their lavish lifestyles, decked out in Gucci or Prada, just to go grocery shopping — a far cry from what he’s used to seeing in his hometown. But Angelo also admits that these glam grannies are in their natural habitat — the stylish and wealthier enclaves of Milan.

But it’s not just their designer logos and other obvious trappings of wealth that Angelo wishes to capture in his photos. He says the women exude a certain inner beauty. “I really can’t describe it, beauty is beauty.”

His Instagram account has racked up 127,000 followers (so far!) — a clear indication that he’s not alone in his admiration for these unabashedly fashionable senior citizens.

“I didn’t think it could have this success,” he noted. “I didn’t know how people would react to these women.”

One reason for its popularity are the style tips and life lessons.

Although the account is in Italian, we imagine what these good nonnas  would have to say, strictly, from the way they are dressed.

A good nonna knows … Every outing should be a stylish occasion for one to look impeccable — even when walking the dog. Of course, comfort counts, so chic flats and great tote to hold doggie bags and treats is required.

A good nonna knows … When shopping for fruits and vegetables, you must always look your best. Let the peasants and tourists wear shorts, t-shirts and baseball caps. Instead, Nonna will opt for crisp whites and good straw hat — the ultimate chic summer outfit, whether you’re in the city or on vacation.

A good nonna knows … After decades of living, a face is truly a work of art and don’t include tiny granny spectacles. Nonna deserves some glittering, glamorous frames that say, “Look at me, I’m still here bitches!”

A good nonna knows … That floral headpieces make quite the statement and not just for the world’s most famous pop stars. Beyonce wears one on the American Vogue September 2018 cover while the September 2018 issue of British Vogue features Rihanna sporting one.

A good nonna knows … She has more than just a wedding ring on her hand. Don’t judge her from the rocks she’s got — she prefers her bijou like the life she’s led so far — big, bold and beautiful.

A good nonna knows … All about the enhancing properties of a quality pair of sheer pantyhose. It gives the legs an immaculate and flawless finishing look.

A good nonna knows … That on the days when she looks and feels great, she should take a selfie. Even if she doesn’t post it online or share it with others,  she can look back on it with a smile.

A good nonna knows … That sometimes all you need are the classics. Never underestimate the appeal of a simple strand of pearls and a lovely silk scarf.

A good nonna knows … Not everyone wants to look like a tropical bird. Some of us would prefer the gentle beauty of a dove: a clean, streamlined minimalist look that can pack a powerful punch.

A good nonna knows … That not every granny wants a blue rinse or grey hair. Some look just as striking in a sharp bob or stylish wig.

A good nonna knows … That her years might be numbered but, damn it, she’ll put on a swimsuit and enjoy some fun in the sun.

A good nonna knows …. That exercise is important. But when going for a bike ride, there’s no reason to dress like you’re doing the Tour de France. So, yes, she’ll wear her heels when she’s hitting the pedal.

A good nonna knows … That exercise should be an activity that’s part of your daily routine. “Bitches, do you think I could lift my leg like that if I wasn’t doing this everyday?” If you have a partner, don’t let them become a couch potato. The couple who exercises together will live longer — together.

A good nonna knows … To always make an effort to get together with friends. Even the ones that look like Bea Arthur.

A good nonna knows … To stop to smell the roses. And while you’re at it, take a picture for good measure.