Face Time: The Latest Skincare Innovations for Women over 60

Remember when menopause was called the “change of life”? A catchall phrase that included such gems as weight-gain, thinning hair and mood swings? Well, all that is still true, sadly. But one element of our physical being that we have more control of is our skin – not that menopause doesn’t hit us where we smile too, it does.

“The loss of estrogen support after menopause tends to accelerate the effects of time – facial volume loss leading to more prominent lines or folds, lack of skin firmness, and crepey texture tend to be common concerns,” explains Dr Sonya Abdulla, a Toronto dermatologist.

“Dry skin is more prevalent, emphasizing the need to look for hydrating ingredients like ceramides, glycerin, shea butter for both the face and body, as well as integrating gentle non-soap cleansers into your routine.”

The billion-dollar industry – estimates put it at $180 billions US by 2024 – has the funds to research the effects aging has on our skin and deliver us the goods in a jar. But where do you start amid the shelves stocked to the rafters with skincare creams? To help you sift through the clutter, here are four new products that address the skin your in – face, eyes and lips.

DAY CREAM: Neovadiol Rose Platinium by French skincare brand Vichy. Their Neovadiol line of products was developed specifically for women at this life stage. Their latest offering not only nourishes dry skin but thanks to its mineral pigments offers up a healthy rosy glow to all complexions – fair or dark. One of the active ingredients is something most of us already know is good for us – calcium. “The role of calcium in bone health has been well established – but it also plays a role in the skin,” says Dr. Abdulla. “Calcium is essential to keratinocyte differentiation in the epidermis – it plays a key function in the renewal and regeneration of the most superficial layer of the skin.” According to research there is evidence to suggest that application of topical formulations containing calcium may promote epidermal renewal, improving the appearance of fine lines, texture and luminosity of the skin. $56.95 Vichy.ca Available at Shopper’s Drug Mart and pharmacies nationwide.

SERUM: Strivectin Wrinkle Recode Line Transforming Melting Serum uses “smart science” that the brand explains as BioRecode Technology that increases skin elasticity and tone and visibly diminishes deep wrinkles. It also has the line’s patented NIA-114 a form of Niacin/Vitamin B3 that strengthens the barrier of the skin. $99 Strivectin.com Available at Shopper’s Drug Mart

EYES: NeoStrata Aqua Youth now has a filling anti-wrinkle eye cream with .2% hyaluronic acid which helps smooth fine lines, crowfeet while adding a plumping effect. The metallic applicator is cool to skin to soothe tired eyes. $39 NeoStrata.ca and available at Shopper’s Drug Mart

LIPS: BITE Beauty Agave Lip Mask now comes in Lavender. Made with pure lavender oil to top up their soothing agave formula. Use the lavender mask at bedtime and throughout the day to keep lips nourished and soft – and the scent is divine. $30 BiteBeauty.com Available at Sephora