What’s More Canadian Than a Charitable Mountie?

For all the “Joe and Jane Canucks” out there who know the celebration of our nation doesn’t end with the last firework pop on July 1st, we’ve got the perfect patriotic ornament for you.

Kikkerland’s solar-powered Mountie soaks in the sun’s rays all summer long, keeping an eye over your home or garden with a friendly wave of his hand.

But the best part about the Solar Mountie is that he’s literally a “Dudley Do-Right”: licensed by the RCMP Foundation, 10 per cent of each Mountie purchase goes to supporting nationwide Youth At Risk programs. So not only can you celebrate Canada all summer long, but you’re also doing your part to support the next generation of maple leaf-waving Canucks.

The Solar Mountie, and other solar figurines (including the Queen and the Mona Lisa) are available in gift/tourist shops, museums, and at Indigo bookstores, and online at http://www.kikkerland.com. Until July 10, online orders include free shipping.