Sarah Ferguson selling 150k Bentley

Sarah Ferguson is selling her Bentley for one fifth of its value.
The 56-year-old Duchess of York previously received the £150,000 car as a gift from her former boyfriend Geir Frantzen but has decided to put it up for sale for just £33,995.
A source told The Sun: “She’s always short of cash so selling a car she doesn’t use makes sense.”
Sarah has had money issues in the past and in 2011 her former husband Prince Andrew put in £1.5 million of his own money to help her avoid bankruptcy.
But she has bounced back and most recently was spotted selling food blenders on US shopping channel QVC.
She told viewers of QVC: “Americans have been so good to me. They helped me build my confidence. They gave my children their mother back because they believed in second chances.
“I’ve made a few mistakes, put on weight and done this, that and the other and now because of the American people, I wanted to be really honest with them.”
And Sarah recently revealed that that her daughter Princess Beatrice is much better with money than she is.
Speaking about Beatrice’s move to New York last year, she shared: “She loves it. She’s doing very well.
“She’s very financially savvy, unlike her mother!”