A Conspiracy Site With Style

While the Internet is the perfect breeding ground for all things conspiratorial, conspiracy websites are usually clunky, anxious and look designed by an Illuminati rejectee wearing a tinfoil hat. Until now, that is.

Launching just this week, TheConspiracyShow.com is a slick, mobile-friendly web companion to the popular Vision TV series (hosted by Richard Syrett, it’s also a popular podcast series on Zoomer Radio).  While the website covers the usual conspiratorial fare — is Elvis alive and recording an album with Tupac Shakur, was the moon landing faked by a team headed by Harry Houdini? — it does so with a visual elegance and editorial authority on subjects that vary from believable to comic.

More details on this cool new site can be found here but don’t forget to store your mobile phone in your fridge first.