A Master Class in How to Invest in the Age of Longevity, an Expanding Landscape of Science and Entrepreneurship


A new program shows that longevity is an investment category all by itself. Photo: Maskot/Getty Images

Longevity may be the most important trend we’ve ever experienced. It’s driven by — and in turn, it affects — everything from health to housing, money to technology, lifestyle to social policy. There’s so much to be aware of — and it’s just getting started! Now you can keep up with all the latest developments in this weekly column.


I seem to be reporting more and more frequently on the investment side of longevity — the first-ever longevity stock index, longevity investment newsletters, longevity investment conferences, the whole range of information topics and formats that are the staple of other investment categories, from financial services to energy to tech.

Here’s another great example. Master Investor, a U.K.-based information and media company providing everything from newsletters to webinars to conferences across a wide range of subjects, produced a ‘master class’ in how to invest in the age of longevity.

The premise is offered in dramatic, almost breathless, terms:

“We are on the verge of a lifespan revolution. In the next 30 years, life expectancy is going to rise to between 110 and 120.

“The nascent but rapidly growing longevity industry has the capacity to change forever how we live, and how (and when) we die. Crucially, it will also influence how we successfully invest for the future.

“At Master Investor’s Investing in the Age of Longevity events, some of the leading minds in this emerging sector mingled with the world’s most important institutional and private investors to discuss the birth of a new industry – arguably the greatest investment opportunity of all time.”

But the program — at least in its scale and range — certainly lives up to the hype. Fifteen different presentations, covering both science (specific new research and products) and finance (how to invest, what to look for, etc.) You can download the slides for each presentation. You can also download the PDF of the entire package.

Though I watch this sector closely, I continue to be astonished at the sheer quantity of the activity. It’s almost impossible to imagine that so many tens of billions of dollars are being spent here without there being some very hard-nosed expectations of growth and profit. (The contrast with the cryptocurrency world is remarkable.)

I will be downloading all the slides and developing future posts on some of the specific topics that were presented. There will be no shortage of material!

David Cravit is a Vice-President at ZoomerMedia, and Chief Membership Officer of CARP. He is also the author of two books on the “reinvention” of aging. You can check out some of his other writing here.



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