Your Money Q&A with Gordon Pape: Submit Your Question

Anything relating to money or finance is fair game. You can submit questions about mortgages, the stock market, taxes, RRSPs, income investments, interest rates, mutual funds, bonds – we’ll consider everything. However, at certain times of the year, we will focus on subjects that are top-of-mind for most people.

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There are just a few ground rules to keep in mind. First, we can’t do portfolio analysis, so please don’t send a list of all your securities and ask me to comment on them. Second, I cannot provide specific buy/sell advice, as that is forbidden by securities laws. Talk to your financial advisor about such matters. Third, keep your questions brief and to the point. Don’t give us your life story. Finally, while I always do my best to provide correct answers, mistakes are occasionally possible. You should seek professional advice before acting on any information published here.

Because of the heavy volume of questions we receive, we cannot provide personal responses. But all questions we receive will be read and considered.

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