How to Dress Like a Badass From Game of Thrones

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Not since Sex and the City and Mad Men has a hit TV series wielded such a tremendous amount of influence on pop culture and crossed the realm into the world of fashion.

HBO’s mega-hit Game of Thrones (the Season 7 finale aired Sunday, Aug. 27) has retained an iron grip on our collective consciousness since it premiered in 2011. But while other influential shows, like Mad Men, referenced actual eras in history, Game of Thrones – based on George R.R. Martin’s novels, A Song of Ice and Fire – is a fantasy depicting epic feuds between tribal clans. The blood and gore  – with dragons, all manner of supernatural occurrences  and machiavellian intrigue – does not disguise the fetching cast and costumes they wear. The gasp-inducing twists from the Red Wedding to the Jon Snow’s revival from the dead has made the show a phenom and has taken the style of the show from the screen to the street.

The look fashioned for the series is a mash-up of medieval and Elizabethan styles and references a multitude of inspirations as disparate as Japanese armour to the Bedouin.

Also, because Thrones depicts various peoples across a vast continent with varying climates, it is able to depict a variety of looks – from the rugged furs and animal skins of the Wildlings of the North to the opulent and heavily embroidered gowns of the people of the south in Kings Landing.

Such a staggering array of costumes has provided a wealth of inspiration for fashion designers and has trickled down to fast fashion retailers.

The series has also gotten into the retail game: the series’  costume designers, in collaboration with HBO, has launched collections selling replicas of some of the jewelery seen on the show. Other accessory companies – including one here in Canada – has taken inspiration from the family dynasties depicted in the show with a range of striking talisman pieces.

In anticipation of the final season, we sourced a variety of items to help you channel your inner queen or favourite Machiavellian character from the television series that has become the most successful show in HBO’s history.

 Scroll through our slide show below for items to help put you in the game. 



Vancouver jewelery brand Pyrrha was started in 1995 by husband-and-wife team, Wade and Danielle Papin. Known for their handcrafted talisman accessories made from reclaimed silver, bronze and gold, the duo in a collaboration with HBO created a collection of jewelery inspired by the noble families, important characters and some of the memorable quotes from Game of Thrones. 

House Lannister Shield Talisman necklace, US$162, 



Inspired by the House of Stark, this cuff designed by Pyrrha, features the noble family of the North’s sigil, the fiercely loyal direwolf.

House Stark Shield Cuff, $1302 USD,


Game of Thrones’ award-winning costume designer Michele Clapton brought in British jewelry designers Yunus Ascott and Eliza Higginbottom to help create some of the fantasy jewelery worn by key characters in the show. The trio has since created an accessories brand with HBO called MEY Designs, which retails replicas of some of the actual jewelery worn on the show and also other statement pieces inspired by the series.

The intricate necklace (shown above) is a dragon choker worn by the Khaleesi character.

Daenerys Drogon Choker, US$2,010,



MEY Designs paid homage to one of the major plot points, the hatching of the presumed extinct dragons with these dragon egg earrings.  The glimmering fiery stone in the centre adds a mythical and mysterious touch to your look.

Dragonstone Earrings, US$430,


By the Season 7 finale, it was noticeable that most of the major female characters were attired in sweeping regal black gowns. But it’s not some fashion trend sweeping the land of Westeros. As is the habit of the show’s costume designer Michele Clapton, the outfits usually have some secret meaning, alluding to what will take place that season.

But while you might not have an invading army of the dead to worry about, an aristocratic-looking black gown can be all the drama you need this season.

Metallic plisse-jersey gown by Pierre Balmain, $1,125,



Daenerys Targaryen might look like a heiress to a throne in her regal gowns but underneath, she often wears trousers, suggesting she is ready for battle at a moment’s notice. She also pairs them with kick-ass boots, not unlike these thigh-high flat boots that suggest confidence and wields an air of authority.

Flat boots, $90,



This brooch is one of the most iconic and recognizable accessories seen on Thrones and is worn by The Hand – the closest adviser to the ruling queen or king. So it’s not surprising that replicas will be available from costume retailers.

It might be a small subtle pin, but it clearly says you’re a huge fan of this riveting series.

Hand of the King metal pin, $21,