Remembering Diana, Princess of Wales, The People’s Pretty

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Twenty years after her death, we fondly look back at some of our favourite looks from “the people’s princess.”

Diana, the style icon, eschewed trends and opted for her own personal favourites regardless of what was in vogue at the time. As a result, her look was always regal and restrained—and this extended to her subdued, natural beauty as well.

Here, we look back at some of her best looks.

Although her tresses started out as a Dorothy Hamill-like wedge cut, Diana refined it over the years into one of her most recognizable physical traits. Short, instead of long, blown out, instead of smooth, she often styled it with volume directed towards the front and sides, and with full, feathered bangs.

Of course, as was often the case with the Princess, she did surprise on occasion: who could forget the moment she slicked the whole thing down for a sexy, modern coif at the CFDA Awards in 1995?

Diana’s love affair with blue eyeliner eventually gave way to a more sophisticated look that included well-defined lashes, neutral eyeshadow, and darker liner. Her eyebrows were kept neat and natural (not overly-plucked or dramatic), and the colour was the perfect tawny shade (just a little bit darker than her hair colour—this is the zone for towheads everywhere).

In an era before intense makeup contouring, Diana’s face was painted in deep-rose blush, and peach or pink lipsticks. Although she favoured a bit of shine to keep her pout spotlight-ready, her skin was often lightly powdered instead of dewy. Her enviable skin could be attributed to good genes, but the use of good product (such as a wrinkle-fighting moisturizer) probably helped, too.

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