6 Style Tips You Can Use From Queen Elizabeth

Here, we take a look at some regal fashion tips you can borrow from Her Majesty.

She is one of the most recognizable women in the world. But while her face might be famous, much of her recognition factor comes from her manner of dressing. Queen Elizabeth II, 91, is one of those women who possesses a strong sense of style which she has honed and cultivated over the years into a look that is singularly and instantly associated with her and is one that she never strays from. Very few people in today’s world can say that about their personal style and certainly no sovereign’s style has been so dissected or debated.

From the moment she took the throne at age 27, Her Majesty understood the power of fashion and how her clothing could quietly convey impactful messages to her subjects. She wanted to be seen as a leader, but not at the expense of hiding her femininity. A wise move, because as The Queen and the head of the United Kingdom, she brought a sense of glamour and aristocratic mystique to England.

The Queen is known for her bright but monocromatic blocks of colour, matching hats for every suit and coat and an ever present lady-like handbag. Her signature look, you might even say, is formulaic. But none-the-less, a chic fashion uniform. So much so, designers are often inspired by her signature style. Even Dolce and Gabbana—the Italian designing duo who built a fashion empire inspired by their homeland—once based an entire collection on this British Monarch’s iconic looks.

We take a look at some regal fashion tips from Her Majesty herself.

LEICESTER, ENGLAND - MARCH 08: Queen Elizabeth II (R) and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (L) watch a fashion show at De Montfort University on March 8, 2012 in Leicester, England. The royal visit to Leicester marks the first date of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee tour of the UK between March 8 and July 25, 2012. (Photo by Oli Scarff - WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Don’t be afraid of colour

Her Majesty has seemingly worn every hue under the sun throughout her 63-year reign on the throne. She tends to go for a bright but monochromatic look and her colours are always cheery.  It’s uplifting and makes you look vital and brimming with energy. Note the drab tones worn by the others.

ASCOT, ENGLAND - JUNE 19: Queen Elizabeth II in the Parade Ring as she attends Royal Ascot 2015 at Ascot racecourse on June 19, 2015 in Ascot, England. (Photo by Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images for Ascot Racecourse)

Play match-matchy

Leave those chaotic mixing of clashing prints and colours to teens. While that looks like fun it requires a deft hand when playing mix master. But nothing looks more pulled together, polished and impactful like a coordinated outfit.

WINCHESTER, ENGLAND - JULY 12: (NO UK SALES FOR 28 DAYS) HM Queen Elizabeth II, The Queen, attends the 250th anniversary celebrations of one of the British Army's most famous regiments, the King's Royal Rifles Corps or 60th Rifles, which is now the present day Royal Green Jackets, July 12, 2005 in Winchester, England. (Photo by POOL/Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images)

Top it off with a hat

A structured hat can add a touch of drama or whimsy—or be a crowning glory—on an otherwise ordinary outfit. Not only does it provide some protection from the sun but it also draws attention to your face. Her Majesty is mad for hats. But her hats are often shapely, with some dramatic detailing and never covers her eyes. Despite the large hats, her subjects can always see her face.

LONDON - MAY 17: (NO PUBLICATION IN UK MEDIA FOR 28 DAYS) Queen Elizabeth ll smiles as she is presented to the English and West Indian cricket teams during the first N-Power Test Match at Lords on May 17, 2007 in London, England. (Photo by Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection/Getty Images)

Bring on the brooch

Add a glittering brooch to your lapel or just below your collar bone. It adds a touch of interest to any outfit and can be conversation piece. And it doesn’t have to cost the Crown Jewels—pins and brooches are one of the easiest and cheapest accessories to find.

BLOIS, FRANCE - JUNE 11: The Queen On A Visit To Blois In France Wearing A Pink And Taupe Outfit Designed By Fashion Designer Ian Thomas With Colour Co-ordinated Taupe Shoes And Accessories (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

A handy investment

Buy one high quality handbag in a neutral colour. You’d be surprised how many outfits it works with. Get it in premium leather or a skin like alligator or lizard—with care you can pass it down to the next generation. And like Her Majesty, stick to clean boxy shapes with minimal embellishments or logos. On a budget? Check out thrift or vintage stores to find some of these classics.


Dress for the occasion 

Her Majesty is practical by nature but always chic—even in a muddy field. Wellies are not just for pottering around the garden. Invest in a pair for jaunts to the country side. Not to mention they look chic in the city on those rainy days. And yes, you can wear them with jeans or your best skirt.