EZ Beauty: Golden Globes’ Best Red Carpet Looks

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Our beauty director, Kim Izzo, gives us her take on who won last night’s glam looks

The smokey eye ruled the night, including on the Zoomer age stars.

Red hair proved the best accessory for Julianne Moore, Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain (pictured above) who all went with old Hollywood glamor hair – long lustrous waves a la Rita Hayworth – but all three kept it modern with a smoky eye and pale lip.


Christine Baranski also rocked the smoky eye.

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Helen Mirren looked fabulous with the sleek bob, classic lined eye and the red lip. Though it was her pen brooch that stole the night.

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Up-dos were a rarity but showed up on Jennifer Aniston and Juliana Marguilies – both nominated – neither won. Want to bet next year they’ll be going long and sleek again.


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Naomi Watts went classic screen siren with cat-eye liner and red lip.