Holiday-Ready Accessories Under $100

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The party invitations for the holiday season are flooding your inbox, and the big question remains: what are you going to wear?

But you’re on a budget, and shopping for several outfits for different occasions is just not practical.

Why not reach in to your closet and give that perennial classic – the little black dress – another twirl?

But give it a refreshener with a touch of shimmer, sparkle and shine with accessories.

Whether it’s a turban for some drama or a quirky evening bag, accessories can be the exclamation point to your party dress.

We round up a few add-ons that wouldn’t break the bank but will make an impactful statement.

Fringed Embroidered Velvet Kimono, $100, Zara

Enroelid Clutch, $50, Aldo

Long Sparkly Stone Earrings, $15, H&M

Long Earrings, $15, H&M

Cronkite Clutch, $50, Aldo

Sevireni Ballerina Flats, $50, Aldo

   Faux Stone Cocktail Ring in Green and Gold, $6; Rhinestone Cocktail Ring, $6; Filigree Cocktail Ring, $6; all Forever 21

Metal Clutch, $30, H&M

Expression Two Row Statement Necklace, $35, The Bay

Special Edition Beaded Turban, $50, Zara