Breakfast of Champions: Avocado Toast, Three Ways

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The deconstructed classic avocado toast, at Lido, The Curtain, London

It’s our go-to weekend morning-maker, especially when we travel. On our last trip to London (one of your favourite places, too!), we couldn’t help notice that ubiquitous now-classic Down-Under breakfast, avocado on toast, has firmly made it’s way from Australia to the United Kingdom. We ordered this healthy and satiating dish at three different hotels: The Arch London, The Curtain’s Lido and Shangri-La at the Shard London. Of course, each chef puts their own personal touch on the dish—whether a smatter of tomatoes, as they do at The Arch, deconstructing it at The Curtain or taking avo smash to new heights at Shangri-La.

For savvy travelers, a note on hotel breakfasts: The best chefs are flexible. When we stayed at The Arch London, for example, we were craving protein. The avocado toast on the menu didn’t include an egg. I simply asked the stellar server at Hunter 486 Restaurant and Bar, above, to kindly ask head chef Gary Durrant if he wouldn’t mind straying from his already delicious version. Of course, he said yes, and a new dish is born!

Chef Durrant was also kind enough to share his recipe version (on the next page) of this nutritious start to the day, and we can’t help but take just a tiny bit of credit! And the best part? Although we do recommend getting a room at any of these gorgeous hotels, you don’t need to be staying there to enjoy the imaginative chefs’ creations.

Click through for chef Durrant’s recipe, and more Avo Toast inspiration!

Avocado, sun blushed tomatoes and poached egg on toasted sourdough

Courtesy of Gary Durrant, Head Chef at The Arch London

1 thick slice of sourdough bread

Olive oil

½ large avocado pear

5 or 6 sun blushed tomatoes

1 soft poached egg

1. Drizzle the slice of sourdough bread and cook on the char grill until it is nicely toasted.

2. Peel and slice the avocado and arrange on the sourdough.

3. Place the tomatoes over the avocado and place the poached egg on top.

4. Lightly drizzle again with olive oil and sprinkle over a few micro herbs.


Easy as guacamole

At Shangri-La at the Shard London, chef Gareth Brown and his team at Ting restaurant, on the 35th floor—love the view!—top a crusty European style toast with a version of smashed avocado and two perfectly poached eggs, layered over a bed of just-cooked spinach. It’s comfort food taken to new heights, literally.


The minimalist

Michael Achenbaum, the brains behind the Gansevoort hotels (Canadians will know the name from the company’s properties in New York City and Turks and Caicos), has opened The Curtain, a hotel/private members club, dining and live music venue in Shoreditch, in London’s east end. One of the highlights is the Lido, the hotel’s rooftop restaurant and pool. Above, the chefs have deconstructed the classic avocado toast, and added a generous pile of Omega-3 loaded smoked salmon. No recipe necessary. You’re welcome.