Canada’s cocktail is the perfect brunch pick-me-up! Try this Caesar recipe, courtesy of the Thompson Toronto Diner.


Begin by rimming a tall Collins glass with a healthy amount of fresh lime juice

Dip and roll the glass in fine celery salt

Top the glass up with ice

Season the ice with a mix of fine ground sea salt and black peppercorn

Add a few dashes if Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco® Sauce to the preference of the guest

Add in 1oz of Eristoff Triple-distilled French Vodka

Garnish the glass*

Top the glass up with Mott’s® brand Clamato Juice (Poured over the garnish for flavouring)

Sprinkle with more sea salt and ground black pepper over the garnish

The Garnish*

Pickled pearl onions

Classic green olives

Fresh grilled turkey sausage (cut into 1/3’s)

A pickle spear

Fresh cut lime wedge

(Tip: other ways to spruce up a Caesar include adding fried chicken and waffles, prawns/lobster/scallop, arancini balls, etc!)

Cheers to Caesars!