As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, we’re not here forever.

Although we’re living longer than we ever have before, it’s only natural that we think about our mortality and how we make the most of our time. Understandably, many of us want to preserve memories and pass down knowledge and traditions to our kids and grandkids.

And as the expression goes, there’s an app for that.

The following is a look at a few worthy “time capsule” downloads to consider for your smartphone or tablet.


StoryCatcher Pro (iOS)

Available exclusively for iPhone and iPad, StoryCatcher offers a simple way to create and share video stories. Point the phone’s camera lens at a loved one, tap record, and begin to ask questions. Not sure where to start? The app provides some suggested starter questions. As the documentarian, you can also collect written stories by email and by importing photos (with the option to add captions). You’ll have the option to dress up your captured memories in with a variety of themes. Once you’re done, share it privately (via email or to Dropbox) or publicly (to YouTube or Facebook) right from within the app.


Life’s Time Capsule (Android/iOS/macOS)

Quite simply, Life’s Time Capsule is a one-stop source for organizing, editing and storing your life’s most precious memories – whether it’s through videos, photos (and photo slideshows), audio recordings, and journal entries. After the free 10-day trial, this Android, iOS or macOS app includes cloud storage, with a security guarantee of your data, for a monthly subscription.

Since it’s in the cloud, these digital moments can be accessed by anyone you give permission to, anywhere in the world, on virtually any Internet-connected device. The app is easy to use, even for those less than tech-savvy.



Remember This

From broadcaster turned podcaster and author (Let’s Talk Podcasting), Toronto-based Amanda Cupido has created a way for Canadians to easily record their story (or those of loved ones) and automatically turn them into a slickly produced audio piece. Instead of a downloadable app, simply go to the website – on a phone, tablet, or laptop (anything with a microphone) – and tap the Record Your Story button, type in your name, and verbally answer the suggested questions, such as “What is one memory that you will always cherish?” and “Tell me about a hardship that you endured that was formative to who you are today.” The audio of the interview can then be downloaded and shared with family, or if desired, submitted to the Remember This podcast to potentially run it as an episode.