New Year, New Nest: 5 DIY Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Refresh

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Sprucing up the kitchen can be as easy (and inexpensive) as installing striking cupboard and drawer handles. Photo: Raul Rodriguez/Getty Images

Make a decor redo your 2023 resolution with these five easy DIY ideas that will give your home a fresh start for the New Year.


1. Install Eye-Catching Light Fixtures


Home Decor
Photo: Cavan Images/GettyImages


Installing wow pendants has never been simpler. With the trend for stylish plug-in pendants, the swagged cord is part of the look. Elegant or industrial, chic and cheap, options are many and some come with decorative cords. Position them anywhere you want to define space (the dinner table) or add glow (a reading nook). Five minutes to install, no electrician bill.


2. Create a Gallery Wall


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Assembling a wall-size puzzle of co-ordinated, multi-sized images is a design challenge that many have viewed as too daunting. Today, it’s a breeze because online galleries do the work for you. Offering prearranged options across a range of scale and theme, you can order your prints framed, or DIY it with a selection from Ikea to save money on mounting and shipping.


3. Instant Kitchen Backsplash


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If you haven’t stumbled across charming decor chick, Alexandra Gater’s YouTube channel, it’s clever, affordable DIY heaven. Including — and I had to see it to believe it — her backsplash hack using peel and stick “tile.” Three dimensional, you can’t tell it’s not real once it’s up. Applied in sheets, it’s easy to install. Some products require a flat surface, many can be applied directly over existing tile. Affordable and removal, it’s perfect for renters or anyone on a budget. Art3d specializes in peel-and-stick tile and stocks endless styles.


4. Swap in New Hardware


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What a difference striking door and drawer hardware make. An easy and affordable DIY that anyone with a screwdriver can pull off. Boho ceramic knobs, classic brass drawer handles, leather, mother of pearl, the possibilities are endless and the impact is huge.


5. Refresh Your Entryway


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The first thing you’ll notice coming or going, making this part of your home more attractive, functional, and welcoming is a simple fix. Choose a statement colour for your front door. Add stylish new numbers, you won’t need too many, so you can afford a little splurge here. Add a wow or whimsical door knocker. A planter or two if you have room. Classic or modern, green looks great year-round. Keep it low maintenance with an all-season evergreen or switch in lush ferns for spring/summer. Final flourish: lay down a dashing (but durable) new doormat.