Life Simplified: 4 Father’s Day Tech Gifts That Dad Will Love

From a device that provides red light treatment to the hottest new grill, we round up all the best tech gifts for father's day. Photo: Courtesy of Ninja

Celebrating our favourite dads, grandads, even uncles, may feel a little bit different this year with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Still, there’s no reason not to consider a last minute gift that will give both now and throughout the year. 

We’ve focussed our picks this year on those tech toys that help keep the guys in our lives pain- and hassle-free, so there’s a bit of a health method to our selection madness.

Read on for four tech toys for him that you may just want to borrow once we can all be together again.


Photo: Courtesy of Therabody

1. Here’s The (Good) Rub


When I saw Madonna on her Instagram using a Therabody for treating leg pain earlier this year, my curiosity was piqued. But this is no just-for-the-ladies massager.

The G4 Theragun Percussive Therapy devices help to relieve pain naturally, so no drugs or topical creams required. When activated, the massage head “bounces” against the muscles, as lightly or as deeply as you choose, and using different speeds. This therapeutic technique pushes the body to work by reproducing the pressure received from the hands of a professional in a repetitive manner.

Our pick is The Thergun Mini, as it’s portable, and almost shaped like a kettlebell. The bonus: The devices are compatible with the Therabody app that integrates with Apple Health, Google Fit and Samsung Health, for a more personalized approach to your daily therapy.  Click here for more information.

Photo: Courtesy of Rouge

2. Light me up


Put on the red light. And we don’t mean Sting and the Police and their call to Roxanne. What we’re talking about is Red Light Therapy. 

Rouge, a company out of Montreal, has created professional level LED red light treatment devices that you can use at home. The benefits of the therapy are numerous: because the light has the ability to penetrate the depths of the skin, it can help to improve joint pain and reduce inflammation. 

Registered with the FDA as a Class II medical device, the Rouge uses a combination of red light therapy, which concentrates its power on the skin’s surface, and infrared light. Essentially, according to the company, red light stimulates the skin’s cellular process and helps to regenerate the skin to build collagen, reduce wrinkles and add firmness. 

Infrared light goes deeper, penetrating the skin to assist the body in breaking fats and toxins, which can help increase circulation, relieve pain, even boost metabolism. 

Our pick is the Rouge Tabletop, which features a stand and can be used to target the face and specific areas that need that TLC. 

Photo: Courtesy of Braun

3. Time to brush up


You know the kind of dad or grandad that needs to always be the know-it-all expert? Yeah, we do, too. So why not help them become an expert in their own oral health care?

The Oral-B Genius X will make him really feel like a genius, and treat his pearly whites to a better brush. The brush intuitively learns to recognize brushing patterns. There’s AI in this tool that will send feedback via bluetooth to his smart phone and coach him on how he can be a better brusher. 

It also comes in a sleek black hue, and with a travel case that charges the brush and a USB port so you can also charge your phone at the same time.


Photo: Courtesy of Ninja

4. Chef’s Special


Everybody knows or has a grill master in the family. But for those down-sizers and condo dwellers that may have given up the yard, it doesn’t mean they have to give up the grill.

The Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill is a smart choice for small space living, or anywhere use of a barbecue is restricted. According to the company, the grill’s cool air zones and cyclonic grilling technology minimize smoke, and still manage to deliver char-grilled taste. And it’s removable cooking parts are dishwasher safe.

But it’s a multi-tasker, with a bit of healthier bent, too. It sears, sizzles, bakes, roasts and also air-fry crisps, which minimizes the amount of oil you might be tempted to fry up those potatoes in. Using the included crisper basket, dad can reduce the fat usually associated with deep frying by about 75 per cent. So he can have his chips and eat them, too. 


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