Zoomer-Friendly: Giftgowns — A Colourful & Stylish Alternative to Drab Hospital Gowns

Photo courtesy of Giftgowns.com.

If you’ve ever been sick enough to spend any length of time recovering in a hospital, chances are you’ve probably had more pressing matters on your mind than your bed attire. But still… those drab gowns that expose your derriere to more than the air conditioning can add to a patient’s misery.

Sure, hospital gowns are designed for practicality and with simplicity in mind. But when Jackie Moss spent time as a hospital patient a few years ago, she also got inspired.

By the time she was discharged, a business plan had formulated in her mind and she set about to reinvent the hospital gown. The Toronto native left her corporate job and started Giftgowns, which offers a range of colourful and stylish hospital gowns for women, men, kids plus a maternity collection.

It makes for the ideal gift for patients, she says. “When you’re in the hospital, everyone wants to bring you something, but not every hospital allows flowers or food.” And this is a gift they can continue to use at home.

While her designs still offer the ease and simplicity of traditional hospital gowns, Giftgowns come in comfy cotton or flannel and have back closures that utilize snap buttons. (If you’re wondering why standard issue hospital gowns don’t feature this type of fastening; they would eventually break during mass laundering, a process which includes the materials going through a heavy-duty roller.)

Giftgowns also have helpful features like snaps on the shoulder — which are practical for new moms breast-feeding or if the patient needs an IV tube. They also have pockets which comes in handy to stash your phone or some cash if you’re walking around the hospital or visiting the coffee shop.

Humorous slogans (they also offer a customization service with your designs) printed on the front of Giftgowns add personality.

While these fun yet functional medical gowns can brighten a patient’s hospital stay, you can spread some of that cheer by also making a donation to help gift another patient a Giftgown.

Giftgowns retails for $39.99 and are available at some hospital gift shops. For online purchases and more information, please visit www.giftgowns.com.