Weekly Inspiration from Colette: A Tale of Three Ravens

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World-renowned Oracle and Intuitive Expert, Colette Baron-Reid, joins us weekly to share inspiration and guidance for the days ahead.

Has Nature ever chosen to be the conduit for a message from Spirit for you? Do you have a special affinity to any creature in particular, and when you need a sign does it just seem to show up like magic? One of my friends is connected to owls, another to deer, someone else is sure hummingbirds are her spirit messengers.

I have a strong spiritual affinity to ravens- specifically three of ‘em at a time.

When we were living in Sedona Arizona I was called to give creative birth to the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms oracle cards and throughout the crafting of them I would hear the krrrrk krrrrk sound that these birds would make every time I sat down to write and then again when I was done for the day. I began to notice the timing of the connection and after a couple weeks when I would walk out to our pool I would find three giant ravens perching on the top of our roof. Arizona ravens are magical.

Yet, after a while I got used to them and then to me they were just hanging around and I stopped making the connection.

It’s what happens when you take for granted the things you see and know intimately as a profound connection to Spirit, and instead only concentrate on the realm of Form- when a spirit guide becomes just a black bird, and a talisman becomes a simple river rock. They are both those things, but sometimes the logical mind pushes the magic so far to the outer reaches of awareness you lose your ability to know the quintessential realm that is present in all things. Your first sense of intuition is rendered silent and life becomes small again.

However when you allow and leave yourself open to the possibilities of this uncommon dialog extraordinary things happen even if you’ve forgotten those special moments of the past.

When I fully surrendered to my ability as a medium it was in Thunder Bay Ontario, when in front of my then new friend, (and now amazing event manager Sharla) three ravens appeared right at my hotel window ledge “krrrrk krrrk krrrrk” to let me know I was stepping into my purpose and that no matter what I would be Ok. Again.. I had asked for a sign, and I received it loud and clear. I still get shivers when I think about how close they came and how obvious it was to us both.

When I got back to New Hampshire I had an award winning artist paint three ravens on my motorcycle to commemorate the epiphany so I would never forget.

This weekend we went to inspect the farm we bought in Ontario. I’m going to confess we bought it before we actually went there because of the way it came to us and the fact I didn’t question it, it felt so Spirit led we just went with the flow but now it was crunch time. I started doubting myself even though when we got there it was perfect in every way.

I had told my husband that if there was a dragonfly there we would know 100%. So of course there were two metal dragonflies as soon as you entered, and a butterfly as well – both of which were the signs from this last house here in Connecticut.

I did scream a little about those.

Well .. that kinda wore off a little too quickly as my logical mind began to consider how huge this change would be etc etc.

Sign after sign were being presented to me at the property too numerous to mention but I kept wafting a bit. I admit it, at one point I thought maybe there were too many signs?

Amazing considering I wrote an entire book about signs and omens!

Then, about an hour later it happened.

The current owner of the house, coincidentally (not) good friends with good friends of ours decided to show us around and we drove through a beautiful part of the area. I was tired of listening to my thoughts so I did some deep breathing and looked out the window at the beautiful spot we were slowing down to admire.

Just then, three ravens flew through the trees and landed.

Krrrk krrrrk krrrrk. That distinct sound you cannot mistake for the “Caw Caw” of the Crow.

I can just imagine all my angels and guides and whoever else in the invisible dimensions that seem to be following me around lately having a good exasperated laugh on my behalf.

“JEEZ ! How many signs does one girl need? ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?”

“I got it.”

“It’s all good.”

The best part is when I researched ravens in this part of Ontario when I got home. There have only been 2 sightings in 5 years.

Mine would be the third.

So .. am I still a little overwhelmed by everything? You bet. Do I trust this next right action. Yes I do. Will I forget again? Possibly … but only when I allow my small self and its fears to distort my vision. The realm of Form is the illusion that lulls us into spiritual amnesia. It’s what we’re here to remember actually.

The Realm of Spirit is the true reality.

I’m not worried if it happens.

I will wake up again.

I know I will.

Ravens, dragonflies or whatever Spirit decides to get my attention with will make sure I notice the conversation.

So have you had an experience when Nature provided you with a sign that Spirit was trying to dialog with you, perhaps answer a question or show you a specific answer? Did you forget for a while then woke up to the magic again when it happened for a second or third time?

Love to hear your story. Tag You’re it!

Love you now and always.

love colette




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