Weekly Inspiration from Colette: Shadows and Light, Endings and New Beginnings

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World-renowned Oracle and Intuitive Expert, Colette Baron-Reid, joins us weekly to share inspiration and guidance for the days ahead.

Dearest Sparkly Star,

This week marks the new moon in Pisces coupled with a solar eclipse and we all have much to anticipate. I’m sure you feel it. We’re coming to the end of the astrological year, beginning a new cycle of growth and understanding and welcoming the big reveals of our winter dreaming, or if you’re Down Under, the harvest of yo summer simmering.

If you’re interested in the deeper layers of this statement look out for a post from my friend and colleague soul contract astrologer Robert Ohotto. There’s plenty brewing for us all this week and next.

I love how many of you took the challenge from last week’s blog and answered the quiz of soul needs vs manifestation goals. It’s wonderful to read all your posts and celebrate how many of you were so fearless about sharing them. It’s important we remember to feed the soul, for without that inspiration wanes and our goals end up to be hollow objects that just make us feel like we need more or something else.

The soul needs to be fully present in our quest for Magic and Meaning, for Light and Beauty, for Peace and Prosperity. These are “big” things we all want with capitol letters to ensure their importance. I sometimes find myself getting lost because I forgot to feed my soul, but not for long.

These past couple weeks have been filled with the rich contrast of sorrow and joy, shadow and light, endings and new beginnings. Beanie’s passing, broke our hearts wide open, especially for my husband Marc. We allowed the process to move through us, and even though there were days where it felt unbearable, mostly because Sebastian, (the little black one) was so lost and forlorn without his female companion, we still chose to be fully present to the experience.

It’s so easy to run away from grief, from the suffering of life. The concept “If you’re not happy, if you’re not focused on living the dream, if you’re not manifesting those dreams right – you’re doing something wrong” has been a pervasive “thought parasite” for the ambitious for some time now. It’s the shadowy secret of the manifesting crowd, and it’s a lie.

Yet, what would Light and Beauty be without their shadows to define them?  How would we know the peaks of joy without the searing pain of heartbreak and the poetry of gratitude that comes with deep surrender and acceptance?

IN my family’s case our love and appreciation for Beanie, for each other and for the life we have – the simplest parts of it- tripled with the brilliance of Love that came to rest in our most profound moments of sorrow.

Today we are happy, I’m writing this imagining I am sending a Giant Group Hug round my tribe- around you.

Sebastian has never been alone in 12 years, and so for him, we found a young female to be his companion and she arrives this week and we’re happy because we have that much more love to share with her.

The universe provided us with an answer as soon as we asked the question.
Life is beautiful in all its contrasts.

So, whenever you find yourself adrift in the fog afraid you’ve lost your way, remember these moments pass into new ways of being, and when Light finally shines through the cracks of your suffering, more Beauty than you imagined floods through you and in that moment you will see further than you ever thought possible.

Light will always come… to show us the way home.

Love you always and forever.




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