Weekly Inspiration from Colette: Four Legged Sweet Love

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World-renowned Oracle and Intuitive Expert, Colette Baron-Reid, joins us weekly to share inspiration and guidance for the days ahead.

Dearest sparkle being of love and light,

Oy I am sounding SO corny already. But I am feeling that sweet love this morning curled up with my tiny bundle of love and adoration- my toothless, balding, deaf doggy- Sebastian.

This little guy has been entwined with my soul since the day I set eyes on him. I remember it vividly when he chose me, when our souls clicked and we knew we would journey together.

Have you had that experience? When you just knew your companion animal chose you to teach about love?

He was someone else’s pet at the time I first met him. He bounded over to me and stared at me intensely and excitedly and I immediately knew he had chosen me. It was like being struck by lightning followed by complete and utter confusion since this wasn’t supposed to happen. I already had a dog, (she was his friend already because this was where I boarded her). They were playmates these 2 but clearly with 2 guardians.

I can still see the horror on the woman’s face when I told her “I know you think I’m nuts, and I would NEVER say this unless I was absolutely sure but I think this is MY dog!” (if someone ever said that to me I would have had a fit) IN good and righteous form, she promptly let me have it, that she would never sell him and that I might have potentially bumped my head since my brains were obviously scrambled? I left scraping and apologizing while knowing I was right and wondering what the heck.

I brought my husband a month later when we dropped off our other dog before we went on a trip, told him how I felt about Sebastian to which he responded “ NO WAY that is not a dog – it’s a squirrel and we are NOT pursuing this.” Sebastian weighed about 2 and a half pounds at the time. (He is a sturdy 3 and a half pounds now).

I remember feeling so confused when I had to say good- bye to him. His little face determined staring into mine. “Where are you going??”

6 months later the phone rang. It was the woman. “Are you still interested in Sebastian? I can’t seem to bond with him.”

Marc didn’t stand a chance. I got in my car and picked up my bundle of love. Our other dog was over the moon to see him when I brought him home.

He has never left my side since.

There is something so pure, so beautiful about the love exchanged between a person and the animal that chooses them to journey with. I always like to hear stories of how people first connect with their companion animals because it is a moment that should never be forgotten.

We are altered in that moment. Our hearts are given an opportunity to heal, to open, to grow, to learn, to be guided into better versions of us. We’re invited into a sacred union. We’re initiated into a deeper relationship with Nature.

Nature trusts us in that moment. And, we’re blessed beyond the human concept of what we think will make us happy as there is no ambition or artifice in this relationship. It’s just love and an invitation to be accountable for it.

It’s a way for us to add our light to the sum of all Light, to be reminded that this much love must add in to dispel the suffering in the world, even if indirectly.

I know when I signed up for this little guy I also signed up for gut wrenching heart- break. As much as I am responsible for the quality of his life, so I am for the quality of his passing. One day, not today he will cross the rainbow bridge. I will be there when he does. I will break and I will open up. That is part of the service. That is the awful beauty of this exchange.

I woke up this morning, smiling at him as he slept curled up in my right hand. Our other dog Beanie was settled in at my husband’s feet. (yes we sleep with our dogs).

All I could think about was gratitude, and love, appreciation and trust. Now, a few hours later, he is right beside me as I watch out my window for the birds that come to my feeders. I am still in the same place, my heart that much larger, my light offered that much more freely.

Ambition is tempered, the present is calling.

That’s the best place to be. Here and now.

May you be blessed by this love too….

Tell me a story about your companion animal… and how they opened your heart?

Love you always and forever… because I can.




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