‘Hack Your Age’: New Doc Follows One Woman’s Attempt to Reverse the Health Effects of Aging

aging hack

In the new doc "Hack Your Age," Deedee Moscoe tries every cutting-edge treatment, trick and therapy on offer in her quest to age better. Photo: Courtesy Fathom Film Group/VisionTV

Want to feel better? Look better? Sleep better? Move better? Maybe even think better? Well, one woman is searching for answers to solve the age-old problem of feeling your age.

Deedee Moscoe, 56, tried everything from acupuncture to cryogenic therapy in her quest to reverse the effects of aging and documented her trials for Hack Your Age, which airs Monday, June 22 at 9 p.m. (EST) on VisionTV (a ZoomerMedia Property).

Her search for answers was inspired partly by aching joints and restless sleep,  but also by her parents. Now in their 80s, their lives have been touched by cancer and dementia.

“You start doing some reality checks. Where am I going to be in 30 years?” Moscoe says at the beginning of the film. “What do I want to accomplish between now and then — if I’m lucky enough to get that old.”

Of course her parents’ health isn’t a foregone conclusion for hereditary risk, as Moscoe is adopted. But with no family medical history, the worry of what could come was especially acute.

Although wary about what it might uncover, the concern led her to pursue genetic testing — just one of the avenues she explored over her year-long journey.

Spoiler alert: Moscoe says that, while not everything worked, some strategies did.

“I was a guinea pig and had a million tests run on me and I think I learned how to better take care of myself. I hope I continue on this path and keep mindful of my health because I know that that is the key to my longevity,” she says.

And, the experience even helped her better weather the pandemic — with the help of some tech support and a little familial encouragement.

“I realized, after meeting with a super-ager, how important exercising consistently is and since COVID I’ve been working out on the Peloton at least twice a week, getting my heart rate up. I’ve [also] been doing weight training with my daughter and, I feel I’m in better shape now than I have been in 20 years!

“It is a scary time and you can look at it negatively, or you can try to take the time that you all of a sudden have and make time for yourself.”


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