Your Doctor. Here for You in Sickness and in Health

Doctors see their patients from their first hours to their final ones. From the anxiety of receiving a diagnosis, to the celebration of end of treatment; whether a doctor-patient relationship spans 50 years – or 50 minutes – doctors are privileged to share in the ups and downs of their patients’ lives. That is why we will continue to care and advocate for you – in sickness, and in health.

STORY 1: Alison and Dr. Fahima Osman

In two short years, Dr. Fahima Osman has seen Alison through the emotional rollercoaster of her breast cancer diagnosis to the celebration of her end of treatment. Dr. Osman was not only Alison’s rock. She was also her surgeon.


STORY 2: Kay and Dr. Clay Hammett

Dr. Clay Hammett has made it possible for Kay’s family to live in the north. He has seen her family through emergency house calls, difficult pregnancies and deliveries, and provided strong medical advocacy when it was needed the most. To Dr. Hammett, Kay isn’t just a patient. She is a member of his community.


STORY 3: Keith and Dr. Maurice Butchey

Keith met Dr. Butchey when he arrived in Canada. In the years that followed, Dr. Butchey attended Keith’s parents, his eventual children, and his children’s children. Dr. Butchey knows more about Keith’s family than most people, because Dr. Butchey is practically part of it.


STORY 4: Robbin and Dr. John Schaman

In their 20 years together, Dr. John Schaman has guided Robbin from recovery from a triple bypass to wailing out B flats on Dr. Schaman’s innovative, lung strengthening harmonicas. Dr. Schaman hasn’t just rehabilitated Robbin’s health. He breathed new life into it.