Veterans and Hearing Loss

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A study from the Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health found a greater prevalence of self-reported hearing loss and tinnitus among Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) veterans than in the general Canadian population, even in the cases where participants were between 20 to 49 years of age. These findings highlight that hearing loss among veterans is not just a matter of aging; exposure to loud noise is a significant cause as well. Hearing loss has been linked to cognitive decline, social isolation, even psychological issues such as dementia and depression. Long after our veterans return home and re-enter society, health problems linked to hearing loss impact not only them, but their loved ones and co-workers as well.

Did you know?

  • Hearing loss is the most common service-related disability among CAF veterans.
  • Any sound level above 85dB can cause hearing damage depending on one’s length of continuous exposure.
  • A single gunshot can reach up to 140dB

It’s not just the weapons that damage your hearing

The sound of gunshots is a commonly thought of source for unsafe noise levels, but these sources go beyond the weapons our forces use. Ship engine rooms can exceed 100 dB in noise levels; sonar can reach 140 dB; jet engines and helicopters produce dangerously loud noises as well. Even with hearing health training and ear protection, the noise levels in our military continue to pose a problem for many of those exposed to it.

Furthermore, the longer these hearing issues remain unaddressed, the more one’s hearing abilities can continue to deteriorate. Hearing loss causes our ears to work harder to hear, and our brain to work harder to understand sound in conversations. Unfortunately, some veterans are unaware of the financial assistance they may be eligible for as a result of an occupation-related hearing loss. As a result, many veterans continue to suffer in silence, disengaging from society and alienating loved ones. It is important to take steps towards addressing ones hearing loss as soon as possible, even if one thinks they can cope with it.

The National Campaign for Better Hearing is aware of the challenges our veterans face. The campaign promotes hearing testing and raises money to give Canadians who can’t afford it the gift of hearing. For every hearing test taken with the campaign, $4.00 is donated towards this important cause. The Campaign for Better Hearing is always looking for Canadians who are willing to help out and get involved!

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