WATCH: Margaret Trudeau on Justin Trudeau’s Big Win

“Justin didn’t need his mommy—he was ready all by himself,” Margaret Trudeau said this week after her son, Justin Trudeau, was elected the new Prime Minister of Canada.

Trudeau and the Liberal party won the majority, which dealt a stunning blow to incumbent Prime Minister Stephen Harper. This new leadership after 10 years is being marked as a historic one, with voter turnout up more than 7 per cent since 2011—the highest turnout at the polls since 1993. That means that about 68 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot in yesterday’s federal election.

In this video, Trudeau speaks with Craig Oliver about her son’s victory, and all of the hard work throughout his whole life and his campaign that lead to this victory.

And just moments after his victory, Justin Trudeau shared this message on Twitter:

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