The Biggest Revelations Regarding Rob Ford From Latest Court Documents

He’s baaaaaaack. Yes, I’m referring to Toronto’s infamous mayor. Thanks to the release of new court documents, including wiretap evidence from Toronto police, there’s more shocking information for the masses to gawk at.

Here’s a list of the most important information that came out of the latest documents:

Not Just Crack

If you thought Ford hit rock bottom with the crack allegations, think again. There are reports that the mayor also used heroin. Perhaps he’ll say it was in one of his crack stupors?

In their investigation, the Toronto police say they intercepted a phone conversation between Liban Siyad and Abdullai Harun. During the call Harun says he has multiple photographs of Ford “doing the hezza,” that’s slang for heroin. Learn something new everyday!

No Brotherly Love

Police also interviewed David Price on May 18 after news of Ford’s crack video made headlines. Price was a Ford’s director of logistics and operations at the time and has known the Ford family for more than 30 years. During the interview, Price told police the brothers were not speaking (though the two stayed united in front of media).

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Crack House

Despite Ford’s persistent denial that 15 Windsor Rd – where the notorious crack video was filmed – is a crack house; according to the police documents it is indeed a trap-house (aka crack house) where people sell drugs. Wiretap interceptions confirm that someone was called to the house on April 20 because the mayor “wants some drugs.”

The Anthony Smith Connection

The documents also reveal details behind the March murder of Anthony Smith who was photographed with the mayor in front of the crack house. According to Mark Towhey, Ford’s former chief of staff, Smith owned the cellphone that stored the crack video. Towhey referred to a conversation he had with Price saying that it was the motive behind killing Smith.

However, police say members of a rival gang became involved in a fight with Smith and another man.

So, there you have it. Just when you hoped the revolting Rob Ford roller coaster ride had come to an end – more evidence proves that there is more to come.

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