Special $199 for The Ultimate Natural Sleep Aid … As Seen On TV!

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Having Trouble Falling Asleep or Staying Asleep?

(HST & Free Ship included – $399 Value)

Correct sleep problems safely and easily in the comfort of your own home using CES technology.

The Sleep Genie is a Canadian consumer sleep aid device that utilizes the exact same CES (cranial electrotherapy stimulation) technology as used in FDA licensed medical devices in the USA, for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Catching ZZZ’S has never been easier than with the Sleep Genie – the ultimate totally natural sleep aid. Powered by state of the art CES technology, this ingenious little device goes directly to the root of the problem and safely corrects it, in as little as 2 to 8 weeks. Sleep problems materialize due to many of life’s stresses and this leads to your body’s sleep clock going out of sync with its normal 24-hour rhythm – and it needs to be reset.

Sleeping pills only help you sleep the night you take them and come with many negative side effects and no final resolution of the problem. The Sleep Genie has no known negative side effects and will not interfere with other medications that you might already be taking. CES has been used by Doctors and sleep professionals for more than 50 years world-wide.

Simply turn on The Sleep Genie before going to bed, sit back and relax while the gentle tingling sensation works its magic on you.  The Sleep Genie will stimulate your body’s own electrical component to gently re-set your internal sleep clock back to normal again, so that you can fall asleep and stay asleep naturally again.

For more information please visit the website: http://www.thesleepgenie.com

To receive this special CARP member discount, kindly forward $199 (includes HST and free shipping) electronically by either Interac or PayPal to [email protected]

You can also order this device by sending a cheque for $199 payable to The Sleep Genie Inc., 57 Bowring Walk, Toronto, Ontario M3H 5Z7 and upon receipt, The Sleep Genie will be delivered by Canada Post Courier service directly to your front door.


“My body had actually lost its ability to fall asleep naturally and I became quite anxious when it was time for bed. Six months ago, a friend of mine recommended that I try, “The Sleep Genie.” I started using the device and within about 6 weeks, I found that I was actually relaxed enough at night that I could fall asleep quickly. The Sleep Genie gave me my life back and I feel like a new person.”    Wayne R.

” I have used The Sleep Genie for almost three months, at first on a daily basis. Now I only use it two or three times a week to stay in balance. I had sleep problems for 15 years and now, thanks to The Sleep Genie, I am able to get a good night’s sleep every night.”  Sherry M.

“My problem is that I keep waking up several times during the night and then I have trouble getting back to sleep. The result is that I do not feel well rested in the morning. After using The Sleep Genie for only a brief period, I noticed that I was waking up less during the night and sleeping for longer periods of time. I put on The Sleep Genie while I am reading my son his bedtime story. It has helped me tremendously and I would highly recommend it to anyone having trouble sleeping.”  Kathy K.