Shower effortlessly with Premier Care

One of the few pleasurable necessities of life is the time spent in the shower. A simple twist of the taps and in a few moments nirvana awaits. Unless the simple act of starting the shower and stepping into it is painstakingly difficult. For others, what prevents their utter joy is the awkward dance they must do to get from a walker or a wheelchair and into the shower.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had easy access into the shower and setting your desired water temperature and flow were painless?

It can be.

Premier Care in Bathing, the world leader in innovative Arthritis friendly walk-in bathtubs, now bring more than 25 years of experience to the bathroom shower. From your first look you’ll notice the advantages.

The Inspire Shower System is the ultimate Easy Access Shower featuring an upscale design and high quality tempered glass Accessibility Screen that opens separately and folds back allowing easy shower access.

And, the Refresh Shower System is an innovative, Barrier Free Design that is versatile enough for the entire family to use.

Both have slip resistant textured floors which are virtually even with the bathroom floor eliminating the need to step up and into the shower. The tempered glass folding doors are designed to give the shower an opening of up to 60 inches so entry, even from a walker or a wheelchair, is virtually effortless. Even a caregiver will have plenty of room to help anyone who needs their assistance.

Each shower comes equipped with two shower heads. One fixed and one handheld shower unit on an easy glide adjustable rail so you can reposition it lower when you choose to use the convenient padded folding chair. Along with the dual shower heads comes Arthritis-friendly taps which makes readying the water flow and temperature you desire virtually painless.

An easy access shower can also minimize the amount of water spilled on the floor since they are large enough to dry off inside. This lessens the chance of slipping, which is a benefit for everyone, not just seniors and the disabled.

If you believe accessible bathroom solutions means industrial looking add-ons to your existing fixtures, it’s time to rethink your choices. Premier Care is committed to make products that provide the functionality you need with the elegant style you desire. Their showers blend into your bathroom so as to be almost unnoticeable, yet fully available. This means that an accessible bathroom doesn’t have to be stark. It can be beautiful as well as safe.

Whether you want a fully accessibility upgrade for someone with a disability, or you just want some touches to help as you age, an easy access shower is a great addition to a bathroom. With the many styles and features available, it is easy to find something to fit any need.

Buy Now and Receive $1,000 OFF your new Easy Access Shower* And, financing is available on Approved Credit – as low as $150 per monthǂ through TD Bank.

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*Only valid until July 15, 2012. Only valid at time of consultation and with a fully-installed walk-in bath or shower. Not to be used with any other offer.
ǂ See dealer for details.