Celebrate National Spritz Day With Unique Takes on the Classic Aperitivo

National Spritz Day

Celebrate National Spritz Day and liven up your aperol hour with these delicious spins on the classic cocktail. Photo: Courtesy of Aperol

Celebrating the Spritz! August 1 is National Spritz Day. And it’s not what it sounds like. We’re talking about the drink, not a spritz of cologne (although a little aromatherapy never hurts). 

Ah, the spritz. Some of us may associate it with a wine spritzer, but the true “Spritz” is an aperitivo, consisting of bitter liquor such as Aperol. Usually lower in alcohol, mixed with a splash of Prosecco and an optional pour of soda water, this light way to usher in the evening before dinner (think happy hour meets cinq-a-sept) is part of the apero-hour ritual that has been popular in Italy for decades.

This weekend, host your own Apero Hour, and try one of these takes on the classic. Or, try them both! 


The Limoncello Spritz


Photo: Courtesy of Luxardo


This drink is a combination of some of Italy’s favourite flavours: Limoncello and Prosecco. One of the most famous Limoncellos, Luxardo, is celebrating 200 years this year of its whole lemon/alcohol-infused citrusy liquid. The company also harvests marasca cherries for its Luxardo maraschinos, often used as a cocktail garnish. This recipe, which uses Fiol Prosecco from the Treviso region of Italy, is designed as an aperitivo – a drink to be enjoyed before a meal – but Limoncello on its own also serves as a digestif that aids with digestion after dinner. It’s also vegan and kosher. Spritz away.


2 oz. Luxardo Limoncello
4 oz. FIOL Prosecco
2 oz. soda water (optional)
1 lemon slice, for garnish (optional)
1 Luxardo The Original Maraschino Cherry
1 sprig of mint, basil or thyme for garnish (optional)


Fill your Limoncello Spritz glass with ice. Pour the Luxardo Limoncello and FIOL Prosecco over ice. Stir and add your desired garnish including Luxardo’s The Original Maraschino Cherry.


Martini Fiero Spritz


Martini Fiero Spritz
Photo: Courtesy of Martini


Fiero is a new approach to the more seasoned Aperol. A wine-based aperitif made with natural ingredients for a refreshing citrus taste, with hints of blood orange and a taste straight out of Italy. 


2 oz. Martini Fiero
2 oz. Martini Prosecco
1 oz. Perrier Sparkling Water


Fill a wine glass with ice. Add Martini Fiero, Martini Prosecco and Perrier Sparkling Water. Gently stir in an up and down motion to mix the ingredients. Garnish with a slice of orange and serve.


And, of Course, the OG of Spritz – Aperol


Aperol, the iconic orange bittersweet aperitif that is the heart of the beloved Aperol Spritz. And we’ve taken it to heart as well. According to Drinks International (DI), its status as a best-seller has been in the works since 2017, when it was ranked 22nd best-selling cocktail in the world. But, in 2019, it cracked DI’s top 10 list and has remained there in every ranking since.

Aperol mini bottle
Photo: Courtesy of Aperol


That said, some of us just don’t have the creative mixologist skills, so Aperol has done us one better. The company has just introduced mini bottles of the aperitif, as well as Spritz Kits that will launch in September, so that your spritz is the perfect individualized pour of Aperol and Prosecco (Cinzano is the bubbles of choice in the kit.)


Aperol Spritz   


Photo: Courtesy of Aperol


This fruity and refreshing summer favourite is made with prosecco, Aperol and a splash of soda for the perfect serve.  

Ingredients :

3 oz | Prosecco
2 oz | Aperol
1 oz | Soda
Ice cubes
Orange slice garnish


Fill a white wine glass with ice. Pour 3 oz of prosecco followed by 2 oz of Aperol. Add 1 oz splash of soda. Stir to combine and garnish with an orange slice.