Recipes to Give Your Holiday Dinner an International Twist


Give your holiday feast an international twist with these ideas for creating a menu of global fare. Photo: Anastasia Nurullina/Getty Images

Tired of the traditional turkey with stuffing and all the fixings? Unshackle yourself from holiday traditions with a spread of globally-inspired flavours. From international dinner ideas to tips for tea and dessert, we’ve got you covered with a menu of global fare.


A Taste of Britain



From a cupcake recipe from Buckingham Palace’s royal pastry chefs (released in honour of the late Queen Elizabeth’s 94th birthday) to scones and other delicacies to libations courtesy of Highclere Castle’s head butler, we’ve got your holiday tea covered.

Royal Pastry Chefs Share Recipe for the Queen’s Birthday

Downton Sippers: Cocktail Recipes From Highclere Castle’s Head Butler


A Taste of Switzerland


Cheese fondue
Photo: Angela Pham/Unsplash


Bubbling fondue, dark chocolate, and a glass of your favourite wine in front of a crackling fire: what could be more cosy? We think a large bowl of Clementines, and possibly chestnuts to roast, would fit in nicely, too.

Winter Warm-Up: 3 Fabulous Fondue Recipes

How to Add a Little Swiss Twist to Your Holiday Festivities


A Taste of Mexico


Photo: Bite Me More


Be transported to sunnier climes with this roundup of Tex-Mex inspired recipes. A particular favourite: The Fish Taco and Chili-Cheese Fries, and if you’re so inclined, Mexico’s libation of choice, a Tequila cocktail.

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A Taste of Belize


Photo: Courtesy of Belize Tourism Board


Here, we’re jetting south to the Caribbean country of Belize, on the northeastern coast of Central America. Belize is a country rich in cultural diversity, making for a flavourful medley of foodie creativity.

If you’re looking for easy recipes for Christmas or Boxing Day brunch, you could do worse than whipping up a Mayan breakfast or one of the top Creole must-haves, Fry Jacks.

Recipes: Delicious Dishes from Belize


A Taste of Israel


Photo: Anastasia Nurullina/Getty Images


In Israel, and many countries around the world, latkes are a mainstay dish for Hanukkah. But we say the golden perfection of a crispy, savoury potato pancake is delicious all the time and no matter what holiday you’re celebrating this month.

Chef Anthony Rose Shares His Latke Recipe for Hanukkah

Recipe: Tasty Traditional Latkes


A Taste of Provence


Photo: Colleen Nicholson


There are many reasons to love aïoli. From the way it rolls off your tongue — EYE–yo-lee! — to the way it slips down your throat. From the accessibility of its ingredients — garlic, oil, eggs — to its stunning versatility. Here, recipes and tips to capture the ambience of a rustic Provençal meal.

South of France: An Aïoli-Tasting Party

A Taste of Italy


Photo: Courtesy of Daniel Paterna


The ancient tradition of eating fish on Christmas Eve dates from the Roman Catholic custom of refraining from eating meat and dairy on the eve of certain holidays, including Christmas.

In modern times this custom has evolved to the “Feast of Seven Fishes” which is celebrated on Christmas Eve. Typically, the feast — popular among many North American-Italians — consists of seven different seafood dishes or one or two different types of fish prepared in seven different ways.

With a nod to the traditional turkey feast, these easy recipes give the season’s most popular protein a cultural twist.

Recipes: Turkey With a Cultural Twist


A Taste of the Coast


Photo: Robert Morris Inn


For this delicious crab cake recipe, we turned to world-famous Chef Mark Salter of the historic Robert Morris Inn on Chesapeake Bay, where the river meets the sea, forming one of the country’s largest estuaries, home to countless fish and wildlife, including of course, its famous blue crab.

Recipe for Maryland Crab Cakes

Give Yourself a Break


If you’re not up to cooking, this is the year to kick up your feet and relax guilt-free — and support local businesses at the same time.

There are a number of meal delivery kit services in Canada — GoodFood, Hello Fresh and Chef’s Plate to name a few — that save you from grocery shopping and measuring ingredients, which means that cooking up a homemade meal (typically for 2-4) is a snap. While menus change weekly, Chef’s Plate, for example, is offering a holiday turkey thyme-rubbed scallopini with apple-bacon stuffing if you want to go the traditional route. Or, if your tastes are more in keeping with the international theme, you may want to serve up Spanish-Inspired steaks with salsa verde, roasted veggies and garlic toast.

(Tip from Chef Meredith Youngson of Chef’s Plate: Boost flavour to all your sauces, dressings and soups with a dash of Miso and soy sauce or Tamari.)

Or, of course, you can forgo the cooking altogether and take advantage of holiday take-out offerings from your favourite local restaurant or grocery store.


Virtual Celebrations: How to Dress Your Best for a Zoom Party


Friends and family far from home? You can take your globetrotting gourmet celebration to the next level by sharing it on a video platform like Zoom or Google Meet. Simply decide on a theme, put together a playlist and share recipes —may we suggest a Royal-inspired tea or tropical beach fare for snowbirds yearning to take flight? — so you’re eating from the same menu. Or, if you’d prefer to limit your party to one course, you can share an appetizer or dessert and raise a glass together.

Whatever route you decide to go, present yourself in your best light with these tips from Zoomer News (a ZoomerMedia property), including advice for the most flattering camera angles, lighting and backdrops. And as the video points out, there is another benefit to having your party virtually: your laptop or device will let only one person speak at once. If you’re from a family who constantly talks over one another, that’s a Christmas miracle indeed!

A version of this story was originally published on Dec. 14, 2020.