Making Final Plans Now Can be a Wise and Thoughtful Decision

In life, we plan for many things—vacations, retirement, our children’s education. Yet many people don’t realize the importance of planning for the inevitable time when they will all need funeral arrangements.

While it can be difficult to talk about, making funeral or cremation arrangements in advance can be a gift to those you love and bring you true peace of mind in knowing that you’ve taken care of an important family responsibility.

Making your wishes known.

One of the most difficult things many families face is not being prepared for the loss of a loved one. The surviving family members are forced to create a plan while they mourn, which can make an emotional situation worse. There are over a hundred questions that need to be answered before a funeral can take place. That can be a lot to think about when you should be focused on coming together as a family. But with the help of a professional, you can plan many things in advance—and in detail. Having a plan in place can help your loved ones to better cope with the loss, allowing them to focus on what’s most important. And, you can feel comfortable in knowing that your personal wishes are known.

Transferring arrangements should you move away.

When choosing a funeral home or cremation provider for your prearrangements, it’s important to consider whether arrangements can be transferred if you move or decide to use another firm in the area. At some funeral homes, you may have to request a refund, and considerable paperwork and cancellation fees may apply, depending on your agreement. Through a national family of firms such as the Dignity Memorial® network, the process is much simpler. With the Dignity Memorial National Transferability program, if you move more than 75 miles away, your arrangements can move with you, offering you true peace of mind.

Starting the conversation.

Planning your final arrangements in advance can be a difficult subject to bring up with your family. One way to make the discussion less difficult is to approach the topic as a means of everyone being pre­pared in advance. Set aside a time when your family can gather in a comfortable setting, and allow your loved ones to share their thoughts about your plans. Many funeral providers offer planning guides and services to help educate you and your family about the options available so that you can make educated, rational decisions at your own pace.

Plan with Dignity Memorial

We know making the decision to take care of final needs in advance is difficult, and many people don’t know where to start. Our free guide, The Insider’s Guide to Funeral & Cremation Planning, will help get you started. Contact us today to find out more about the special savings and benefits available to CARP members and their families. Visit to download our free guide or call 1-866-668-1841.