Considering Personal Health Insurance?

That’s smart.

Government health coverage is stretched thin. There are gaps. Without supplemental coverage, those gaps equate to out-of-pocket expenses that can really add up – dental care, prescription drugs, prescription eyewear, optometrist check-up’s, visits to the chiropractor or registered massage therapists. These are routine, day-to-day expenses. Then there are the costs that may come as the result of an accident or unforeseen illness, which may be difficult to pay…

Choose the company and the plan that best suits you.

We are Green Shield Canada, CARP’s partner and recommended health insurance provider. This brings together two like-minded companies. GreenShield is a national, non-profit enterprise with a deeply rooted commitment to Canadians, to improving access to better health, and to giving back to communities across the country.

We offer a selection of CARP-recommended plans with different benefit combinations, and varying levels of coverage. For many plans, your acceptance is guaranteed* – no medical exam or health questions asked when you apply! Other plans require completion of a health questionnaire and medical underwriting, but we keep it as quick and simple as possible.

Health insurance your way.

We’ve made it easy for you to get information and to buy, in the way that’s most comfortable to you – online, over the phone, or a combination of both.

Visit us at where you’ll find plan details, you can get quotes and you can apply completely online.

Call 1-833-537-CARP (2277) and our licensed representatives will be happy to answer questions, offer plan recommendations and quotes. They can even take your application over the phone.

Don’t hesitate. To learn more, visit or call 1-833-537-CARP (2277) today.

Plans are provided and underwritten by Green Shield Canada.
*Acceptance for select plans is guaranteed as long as GreenShield receives the initial premium payments. The CARP Recommended logo design is a trademark of ZoomerMedia Limited. ™ Trademark owned by Green Shield Canada, used under license.
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