CAA’s Top Travel Hot Spots

Canadians are once again embracing travel, making up for lost time after the pandemic. Whether it is to enjoy their golden years, a multi-generational trip, a solo tour or an extended stay, their plans are getting bigger and bolder.

These are some of CAA’s top travel hot spots for 2024.

Epic Adventures

Australia and New Zealand: From iconic landmarks like the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and the Sydney Opera House, there have always been intriguing reasons to explore the world down under. New, immersive experiences like getting a taste of Māori culture in New Zealand and dining beneath the stars at Uluru are making this destination even more enticing.

Japan: For a completely different atmosphere, Japan is both dazzlingly electric and serenely mystical. There’s so much to discover in this part of the world. Explore Tokyo and let the rhythm of the pulsating, neon-lit streets and towering skyscrapers transport you into a modern world unlike any other. With its opulent palaces and temples, splendid tea ceremonies, indulgent hot springs and mesmerizing Mount Fuji, the fascinating duality of Japan’s past and present can be felt at every turn.

Intriguing Interludes

Off-the-beaten path: While these popular destinations offer fascinating experiences, travellers are also venturing to places like Kenya, Costa Rica and Vietnam, with the chance to visit unique cultures and historic sites.

Multi-destination: Island-hoppers are setting up shop in Greece, Spain and the Caribbean.

Calling all foodies: Destinations are also drawing travellers with their mouthwatering cuisines. From Jordan to Thailand, your taste buds can lead the way on your next exploration.

Events as a destination: CAA Travel Consultants are finding that more travellers are choosing to plan their vacation around a special event, such as a festival, concert, or unique theatre event. Other travel opportunities include a safari or wildlife vacation, culinary immersions, spa and wellness experiences, and ecotourism.

Destination Considerations

Ethical travel: Many travellers are prioritizing sustainable travel, where community, cultural and environmental impact has been considered. Several groups are establishing volunteer or independent certifications to guide animal lovers looking for ethical ways to interact with wild animals.

Guided travel: More than half of CAA Members choose guided travel. With options like all-inclusive resorts, escorted tours, multi-country ocean cruises and custom private guided tours, there’s no reason to limit yourself to the travel options you can book yourself.

Solo travel: Travelling alone, but with a group is emerging as a popular option for Canadians.  While some travellers live on their own, 65% of solo travellers have family and friends who don’t quite share their travel interests. Adventurous destinations are most appealing to solo travellers; they want to go to places that they may not feel comfortable going to on their own, perhaps with an unfamiliar language, such as Europe and Asia.

Travel agents for the best service: Whether it’s solo or with family and friends, booking through a travel agent ensures the best customer service for your travel dollar. Agents can offer a variety of travel options and customize itineraries to include must-do activities. Agents can also advise on relevant travel advisories, important documentation, and travel insurance, a must-have when leaving your home province. Whether you consider emergency medical coverage or a more comprehensive vacation package, travel insurance can help ensure you and your family, along with your trip investment, are covered.

Booking: To start planning that trip of a lifetime, speak to a CAA Travel Consultant today. When you book with CAA, you’ll tap into a network of world-class travel providers that you can trust to deliver a safe and seamless experience. Visit to learn more.

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