Healthy Hearing Allows You to Keep Doing All the Things That Bring You Joy

We all have sounds that bring us right back to a peaceful, happy time the moment we hear them. Yours might be the song you danced to at your high school formal, or the sound of an ice cream truck, or even the tsk-tsk-tsk of a sprinkler on a warm July morning that instantly takes you back to those lazy summer days of your childhood.

Sounds give us all the feels—and there’s good reason for that!

The amygdala, the part of our brain responsible for emotion, is very sensitive to sound. That’s why emotions become “attached” to sound when we have experiences, both happy and unpleasant.1 So when you hear that song you slow danced to 40 years ago, it still has the power to provoke an emotional response today.

We are bathed in sound 24-hours a day, and being able to enjoy the sounds of life is such an important part of our ability to appreciate life. The sound of your grandchildren’s laughter, a night at the opera, a sweet nothing whispered in your ear—it’s all deliciously joyful fodder for your emotion-driven amygdala.

But it’s also good for you.

Sounds keep us connected to the world and each other, which is critical for our mental and physical well-being as we age.

How does hearing well impact my health?

Studies have shown that better hearing can help keep you sharp.2
Hearing enhances our spatial awareness, so hearing well makes a lot of activities much safer – like walking and biking when it’s critical to be aware of your surroundings at all times.
When you don’t have to struggle to hear and process muffled information, you have more mental and physical energy.
Hearing plays a key role in our ability to stay balanced, so better hearing means reduced risk of falls, especially as we age.
Two-thirds of adults with hearing loss say their daily interactions with people outside of their family and friends are affected by it.3 When you can hear the world around you, you’ll choose to enjoy fun, social activities like visiting with friends, going to the theatre, or enjoying an outdoor concert rather than staying home. You’re also more likely to want to engage in healthy activities like a yoga or tai chi class, walking outside with a friend, or dancing under the summer stars with your partner.

Enjoy the sounds of life!

May is Speech and Hearing Awareness Month, so it’s the perfect time to give your ears a little extra love.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

1. Do I sometimes have trouble following conversations involving two or more people or when there’s background noise, like at a restaurant?
2. Are phone conversations sometimes unclear and difficult for me?
3. Do I often accuse other people of mumbling?
4. Do I sometimes have trouble figuring out where a sound is coming from?
5. Do I have the TV volume up louder than others in the room think is necessary?
6. Do I notice ringing or buzzing in one or both ears?

If you answered “no” to these questions, that’s great news! But there are people who will answer yes. That’s why it’s important to help raise awareness about hearing loss this month including how to communicate with those who experience it, how to protect your hearing, and what you should do if you think you or someone you love is experiencing hearing loss.

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, it’s possible that you do have some degree of hearing loss.

And it’s time to do something about it.

Remember, your amygdala is counting on you! Don’t miss out on all the beautiful sounds around youor the chance to create even more sound memories to bring you joy and comfort years from now. Take advantage of a free comprehensive hearing assessment at a HearingLife clinic near you.

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