Toronto Tech Startup Shaking up Smart Home Industry

The Smart Home industry is projected to grow 55% annually until 2030, with devices like the Ring Doorbell and the Nest Thermostat transforming traditional household products into intelligent devices. However, one category in this burgeoning industry has eluded adoption – Smart Shades.

Smart Shades are often quoted as being one of the last missing pieces in the Smart Home, but high prices and complex installation procedures have slowed adoption significantly.

Until now.

A local Toronto startup has created an ingenious way to convert old, manual window shades, into smart, automated ones. Their patented RYSE SmartShade is the only way to automate existing shades in minutes, without the need of professional installers.

It’s a DIY solution that aims to eliminate the friction that’s prevented homeowners and businesses to add smart shades to their smart homes.

And the convenience that automated shades provide is just the starting point:

By automatically lowering the shades to block solar heat on hot, sunny days, homeowners can reduce cooling costs by 24%.

Similarly, opening the shades to harvest natural daylight during overcast weather can result in a 20% reduction in lighting costs.

Their products offer so much promise, that Best Buy has recently stocked them in over 100 retail locations; a massive achievement for any up-and-coming electronics company.

Just how big is this opportunity?

Research suggests that more than 90% of window shades are still operated manually, presenting a massive opportunity for RYSE.

To put it into perspective, the smart home industry has already seen massive acquisitions at the hands of big tech, including:

• Amazon’s acquisition of Ring for $1B.

• Google’s acquisition of Nest for $3.2B.

However, the key difference here is that homes only need one doorbell or thermostat, but have multiple windows that can and should be automated. Not to mention the commercial implications and the massive commercial real estate industry (think commercial office buildings with hundreds of windows a piece).

Automating all of these window coverings could result in significant energy savings, putting homeowners and businesses a step closer to their carbon emissions targets.

So where were you when Amazon acquired Ring for $1B? Or when Google bought Nest for a cool $3.2B?

Chances are, you weren’t invested as the opportunities were limited to a select few of wealthy venture capital investors. But times have changed, and recent regulations now allow every-day investors to participate in the growth of exciting startup companies.

And RYSE is one of those companies.

For a limited time, you can participate in their pre-IPO investment offering and invest in their company at just $1.50/share. But hurry, their share price has already grown 20% from last year!

And don’t feel bad if you missed out on investing in Ring early on, you’re not alone! The founder of Ring pitched on the hit show Shark Tank at a valuation of just $7 million and the sharks shut him down. 5 years later when the company sold to Amazon for more than $1 Billion he turned the 10% stake initially offered to the sharks from $700K into $100M!

RYSE on the other hand pitched on Canada’s Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den and received two offers! It seems the Dragons learned from the Sharks’ mistakes. Don’t make the same mistake the sharks did and secure your stake in the smart home industry.

Here’s how you can participate in this exciting opportunity.

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