Are you just a tourist? Or are you a genuine traveller?

A tourist visits foreign lands yet never experiences them. A traveller sees foreign lands, experiences local cultures, meets people, makes friends, and has a great time doing so.

At Wheel & Anchor we cater exclusively to the traveller, so you know that when you join one of our limited-capacity tours, you will be joined by like-minded people. Individuals who want to see and experience the genuine atmosphere of the lands they visit.

We have two featured trips coming up which you might be interested in.

Sail the lochs and highlands of Scotland aboard our private-charter yacht.


A private chartered yacht, sailing the lochs and highlands of Scotland. Sept. 19-Oct.1st, 2024. Zoomer Promo Offer: Quote 8769 For more information please click here.


Attention Zoomer readers. For these two featured trips to Scotland and Croatia, we have a limited-time, special promotion for Zoomer readers! Contact us today to get your special rate*. Zoomer Promo Offer: Quote 8769 Click here to learn more.

* Existing bookings are not eligible for this promotional offer.

Experience an Adriatic adventure aboard our private-charter yacht.


An Adriatic adventure, experiencing the coast of Croatia aboard our private chartered yacht. May 6-21, 2024. Zoomer Promo Offer: Quote 8769. Please click here.

Not interested in a private yacht? We have many other exclusive trips available. Please click here to explore our alternative options.


Need a companion for the road? We have someone for you!


Are you looking for a friend to travel with? If you’re a solo traveller, you’ve encountered the dreaded “single supplement.” Our members have told us this is a real sore point. We feel your pain! So we’ve launched a program to connect solo travellers seeking a companion to room with. This is part of our mission to
bring travellers together and to make new friends. Click here to learn more.

Join us. Enjoy our destinations, and make new friends. We believe that strangers are just friends that you haven’t gotten to know yet.
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