Travel With Peace of Mind

Having the chance to travel is a wonderful opportunity, but before you do make sure that your affairs are in order, just because you never know.

Upper Canada WILLS believes that all Canadians should have the Peace of Mind in planning their end-of-life decisions by using the expert advice of lawyers. By making a Will you can provide for your loved ones, children and grandchildren. You can decide who will get your home and property. You can clearly state who should receive your possessions, for example your jewelry, vehicles and money. You can name who will take care of your children and dependents. You can leave instructions for end-of-life ceremonies and you can name who will take care of your estate.

Having a Last Will and Testament will avoid delays in settling your affairs, reduce administrative paperwork for your family at a difficult time and make the settlement of your estate a more personal matter.

It is important to remember that having a properly drawn Will and Powers of Attorney by a lawyer is not for you, but for your loved ones.

Upper Canada Wills & Estates are dedicated to connecting people looking to have their Wills and Powers of Attorney prepared by lawyers (notaries in Quebec) at reasonable rates. Plus, CARP members receive a 40% discount on the national average rates for individuals and couples for these services prepared by licensed lawyers in every province and territory.

Our process is simple. Once you complete the CARP Contact Form on our website, we will turn it around and send the information to one of the lawyers in our network in your jurisdiction. The lawyer will then get in touch with you shortly to discuss your estate needs. There is no cost for this consultation. If you decide you would like to proceed with your estate planning, you will be sent a “What to Expect” email from Upper Canada WILLS which sets out in detail exactly what will happen going forward, until your estate documentation is completed to your full satisfaction. It is important to note that our business model is virtual, so that you never have to leave your home (except in Quebec). This ease of communication is one of the reasons we are able to provide significant discounts on rates for the services provided.

This is what you can expect:

1. You will be sent a questionnaire that will ask for your full names, your family status, family members, your financial picture and other pertinent information.
2. You will be sent an invitation to select a time to meet virtually (by way of a Zoom call) to receive your instructions on how you would like to structure your affairs.
3. At an agreed upon time, you will meet with your lawyer virtually to answer your questions and receive your instructions.
4. The lawyer will draft your estate documents.
5. A second invitation will be sent you to select a time to review your Will & Powers of Attorney.
6. You will be advised as to what you need to do to prepare to sign the documents, including the gathering of witnesses to be in your physical presence at signing.
7. At an agreed upon time, you will meet with your lawyer virtually (again a Zoom call) to go through the documents to ensure your instructions have been expertly followed and to discuss the effect of all the provisions to your satisfaction.
8. After signing, you will be sent a Reporting Letter identifying everything that has been done for you together with advice on when amendments to your documents might be needed in the future.

We will then send you a Client Satisfaction Survey, so we know how you feel about the job both our company and the lawyer you worked with has done. To date, the overwhelming response from our clients has been that the service has been excellent, and the lawyers have done an amazing job of taking you through this process.

To get in touch and learn more visit or call 647-370-3777.