Six Misconceptions About Travel Insurance

Whether you’re heading south, travelling in Canada or going to Europe, travel insurance is wise. Don’t fall prey to these myths.

Myth 1. You’re covered under your Government Health Plan.

Your Government Health Plan may not cover all your emergency medical expenses—even if you’re travelling in Canada. For instance, it won’t cover ambulances, prescription drugs and emergency dental. A single ambulance ride will likely cost more than the average travel insurance plan.

Myth 2. Multi-trip plans are expensive.

Multi-trip plans use one policy to cover numerous vacations taken within 365 days of the date of purchase. If you’ll be taking a few trips anywhere from four to 60 days in one year, this plan will save you money since it covers several trips with a single policy. CAA Travel Insurance1 offers both a Multi-Trip Medical Plan and a Multi-Trip Vacation Package Plan to cover all your bases.

Myth 3. Airlines will reimburse you for expenses.

If your flight is delayed until the next day, airlines rarely cover the cost of your unused hotel room. Vacation package insurance plans often include trip cancellation and interruption coverage, so your lost hotel night will be covered. Cancellation and interruption plans also typically cover lost luggage, so you’ll have an allowance to buy some clothes while the airline finds your bags.

Myth 4. Short trips don’t require insurance.

Don’t convince yourself that it’s all right to travel unprotected for just a few days or just a short trip across the border. Travel insurance will give you peace of mind that you’re protected.

Myth 5. Your credit card coverage is sufficient.

Many credit cards only cover trip interruption and baggage loss or have limits on how much travel insurance they provide. They also may not cover people over 65. Review your credit card plan carefully and consider an additional policy to fill in any gaps.

Myth 6. I can just pay out-of-pocket if something happens on vacation.

In places like the U.S. and Mexico, medical costs and hospitals can be extremely expensive. Many medical providers require upfront cash payment before they will treat you. Trip cancellation and insurance typically costs 4%-10% of your total, prepaid nonrefundable trip cost. That’s a small amount compared to the total cost of your trip!

Consider affordable CAA Travel Insurance for your next trip.

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1CAA Travel Insurance is underwritten by Orion Travel Insurance Company, a CAA Company, in Ontario, Atlantic Canada, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec. BCAA Travel Insurance is sold through B.C.A.A. Holdings Ltd. dba BCAA Insurance Agency, a licensed insurance agent and is underwritten by BCAA Insurance Corporation. Insurance claims are administered by Orion Travel Insurance Company and its subcontractors, Global Excel Management Inc. Certain conditions, exclusions, limitations, restrictions and underwriting guidelines apply. A Medical Questionnaire is required if you are 60 years of age and older. Not all products are available in all provinces. Discounts may vary by province.
2 Please visit to see a list of underwriters covering various CAA insurance products.