Step Into the Future of Travel Insurance with soNomad

Photo by Cindy Kerr / soNomad

Even before the journey begins, the excitement for savvy travellers is already there in the planning. Finding out where the best spa or golf course is, researching restaurants, mapping out new neighbourhoods or seeking out hidden gems within familiar ones are all part of the joy of travel for experienced adventurers. Shopping around for travel insurance, not so much.

Each year the process of finding travel insurance seems to become more complex and with each new obstacle comes the inescapable feeling that you are left paying too much. With premiums increasing each year, medical questionnaires and forms growing ever more expansive and new charges cropping up for everything from milestone birthdays to starting a new medication, the whole process is enough to make even the most well-seasoned snowbirds think about staying put.

Fortunately, there’s soNomad, the Canadian-based company that is revolutionizing travel insurance with a unique low-cost approach, designed to simplify the process and help smart travellers save on their insurance.

Photo by Cindy Kerr / soNomad

Responsible globetrotters know that travel insurance is no longer a luxury. Affordable, high-quality, and tailor-made that makes travel insurance like a good set of noise cancelling headphones. Picking out the seats before a flight and having an up-to-date passport is a necessity, so seeking it out shouldn’t be such a chore. Thanks to soNomad, it no longer needs to be.

soNomad understands the frustration and the financial strain caused by exorbitant travel insurance premiums. That’s why they offer a better solution—one that not only saves travellers money but also provides coverage tailored to each individual’s specific needs. They understand that travel insurance should be quick, easy and above all, affordable.

Founded in 2019 by respected industry veterans, soNomad is at the forefront of the so-called insurtech revolution. A combination of the words “insurance” and “technology,” insurtech, as the name suggests, uses technological innovations to find the most efficient and effective cost savings within the current insurance model. soNomad’s unique platform for achieving this was designed exclusively in-house and it’s this proprietary technology that allows them to offer unique, high quality travel insurance solutions simply, transparently and affordably to all Canadian travellers.

This technological advantage also enables them to stand out from traditional travel insurance models in Canada in a way that is both streamlined and hassle-free. soNomad saves travellers time and frustration by requiring just one questionnaire to provide you with a personalized travel insurance quote. Say goodbye to the days of filling out endless forms, extensive and invasive medical questionnaires to an array of mysterious sub-providers and hello to a simpler insurance experience.

Photo by Cindy Kerr / soNomad

Additionally, having partnered with some of the largest insurers in the world, soNomad is able to offer exclusive products with different insurers. This allows soNomad to only charge a minimal fee per transaction. The company’s policy is to take less commission per transaction than traditional brokers and that allows them to pass along savings benefits to their customers, who can see their premiums cut by up to 25%.

Best of all, soNomad charges no administrative fees for date changes or cancellations and because their commission is lower than that of traditional brokers, this allows them to pass those savings directly on to the traveller, quickly and conveniently.

That’s why smart globetrotters looking for extensive coverage that includes everything from emergency medical care, coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, a wide range of deductibles and COVID-19 coverage at no extra cost, are flocking to soNomad like, well, like birds flying south in winter.

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