Classi Lectures is Classi!

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Classi Lectures is creating a community of like minded people!.

Our speakers are great -informative and fun and able to communicate. We look for different angles on the arts, history, literary and current topics! We love promoting our Canadian talent too!

We provide entertainment and learning in the comfort of your home. Recordings are available upon request to watch at your convenience—so never miss a program.

Zoom online lectures is where the learning is “Classi”! Classi Learning, with its main division, Classi Lectures, based in Toronto, is different from other online classes. Founder Sue Walsh launched Classi Learning, a niche operation geared to her personal passions: the arts, history, travel, opera, music, film, and interviews with Canadian icons.

This winter, Classi Lectures will have amazing programs! “We’re thrilled to have Toronto film/media moguls Ron Chapman & Barry Avrich on Sunday, January 15 & 29 at 7:30 p.m. for “Behind the Scenes” Conversations

As well, fascinating lectures ranging from “Current History” to “Fashion Icons” with Olivier Courteaux; “Landscape Painting through the Ages” with Patrick Bade, England’s foremost art historian and Renaissance man; “The Jews of Lithuania” with well-known Jewish historian Trudy Gold; book reviews with Cathy Tile; and opera lectures with Toronto’s foremost expert, Iain Scott.

Sue started Classi Lectures when the pandemic began. Due to Covid’s lockdowns and restrictions, Sue couldn’t go out and enjoy cultural events, “and the next best thing was to provide information to others in the comfort of their homes.” Content and delivery is important to Sue so that those registered stay engaged and return. To date, Classi Lectures has reached several thousand students across North America and the United Kingdom.

Our lectures run for one hour followed by an informative Q&A with the speaker

Individual lectures are $10-$12, or $30 for a series of three. The Classi Membership program is $150 for three months from January 1, 2023 – April 8, 2023, which works out to about $5 per lecture. Members can attend any program. Opera lectures are not included in the Classi Member program. Recordings are available upon request.

“I love thinking of great topics and finding excellent speakers,” Sue says. Instructors are experts in their field who have a passion for their subject and can communicate well.

A brand new venture is Cultural Travel—this past fall, there was an superb visit to the “Van Gogh in America” exhibition and the Motown Museum in Detroit, followed by an incredible trip to Paris! Watch for next year’s offerings…

Sue, whose Viennese parents nurtured her love of learning, says, “I don’t teach. I just love to learn!”

Classi Learning’s goal is to spread knowledge but also “to stay positive and build a wonderful community with those who love to learn,” Sue says.


I love learning from home and enjoy the calibre of Sue’s lecturers! So many lectures to choose from…and I usually choose them all!! Freya

​Thank you, thank you, Sue, for all your efforts in organized this amazing trip to Detroit for art, food and fun. It was truly amazing and yes, we did meet like  minded women. You took care of every detail for our enjoyment. Mira

You’re securing such fascinating presenters and interesting topics and happy recordings may be requested. Marianne


Details: You can register at or contact them at [email protected] or or call: 647.205.4411.