A New Technology That Helps Reduce Your Risk of Falling!


As we age our risk of falling increases. The part of our brain that relays information about our environment becomes less effective. It should be receiving signals to coordinate a response to stand confidently upright.

However, a chiropractor and a physicist have come up with a Zoomer answer to the problem. They spent years working on a way to enhance the part of the brain that receives these signals. They discovered a harmless vibrational pattern which they have placed into wearable clips that helps the brain to communicate more effectively with the limbs.

Despite the many testimonials they have received, they had to prove it works, so they adopted a high-tech APDM instrument to determine the  effectiveness of the Neuro Connect devices. Years of balance research has shown that the more you sway, the greater your risk of falling. The APDM is a small transmitter that measures the amount of sway in your body when you are standing. After hundreds of tests on people of varying ages, the results strongly suggest that Neuro Connect reduces the sway. They also did tests with athletes and found that their muscle strength improved when using the Neuro Connect devices.

Neuro Connect comes in a couple of options. Balance is a single device worn on the midline of your body and LifeStyle, which is stronger, is worn in 3 places. Balance is good for balance issues and LifeStyle is good for balance and also helps to improve muscle and joint function.


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