Embark on a Culinary Journey With Small Luxury Hotels


At a time when food tourism is becoming more popular, Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) identified some of the biggest culinary insights to note for this year to coincide with the release of The Small Luxury Cookbook.

From the rise of wellness-led food options and hyper-local cuisine to new gastro-kids menus, unique dining experiences and unusual food pairings, Small Luxury Hotels of The World has identified global culinary trends at its member hotels that are currently shaping the hospitality world and that discerning travellers can look forward to when travelling.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (blue tea) has been around for centuries but is only now getting global attention thanks to its high antioxidant content and incredible health properties including enhancing memory and decreasing stress. The Racha, an eco-luxury beach resort in Phuket, Thailand, welcomes guests with a cup of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea that is grown locally on the island and infused with organic Thai lime.

Appetite for hyper-local cuisine has been driven by travellers wanting to taste food straight from the source and rediscover ancient and forgotten ingredients. Casa Angelina Lifestyle Hotel on the Amalfi Coast, Italy, has recently introduced two new floral-based cocktails to its bar repertoire, designed to showcase oranges and lemons from the region. El Lodge Ski & Bar in the mountains of Sierra Nevada, Granada, serves Riofrío organic caviar (indigenous to the Andalusian province) at the El Grill restaurant, accompanied by blinis and sour cream. Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux offers a vegetal lunch with dishes including nettle soup and wild daisy or strawberry gazpacho with immortelle flower ice cream.

Wellness-led food options are inspired by guests wanting to focus on self-care and restoring balance on holiday. HGU New York serves up a liquid lunch menu made entirely of freshly blended juices whilst the Ovolo Woolloomooloo in Sydney includes a plant-based restaurant featuring dishes such as kimchi dumplings, zucchini lasagna with pistachio pesto or hibiscus strawberry cheesecake.

Unique dining experiences show that guests are increasingly seeking out-of-this-world dining options and ambience. At Milaidhoo Island Maldives, the resort offers five different curated mood dining menus paired with wellness treatments including special baths, meditation and spa treatments to transport guests into a state of Zen. In Cyprus, Columbia Beach Resort hosts a series of full moon dinners on the beach every summer for their discerning guests.

Unusual food pairings such as green tea with French cuisine can be found at the ABBA Resorts Izu in Japan whilst The Lalit London offers naan and wine pairings at its restaurant, Baluchi.

Asian Hotpot is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, due in part to the rising interest in convivial dining and bold, spicy flavours. Chef Nguyen Than Hieu and his team at Naman Retreat in central Vietnam have created their own Naman Special Hotpot featuring ingredients such as lemongrass, tofu, seafood and noodles.

Purchase your very own copy of the SLH Cookbook or enter to win one of five Small Luxury Cookbooks. Packed with recipes from over 150 SLH hotels, these pages will take you on a global culinary journey that offers a vibrant and exciting taste of the SLH experience. All recipes in the book are accompanied by step by step instructions, as well as alternative suggestions for any hard to source ingredients allowing for a chance to recreate not only the dishes, but holiday memories at home.

The Small Luxury Cookbook is available for purchase at www.slh.com/food and participating SLH hotels.

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