Above. Beyond. Extraordinary. Summer at CMH.

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For over 35 years, CMH Summer Adventures has been doing what is commonly referred to as Heli-Hiking. But that’s woefully short-sighted. Even for us, it’s hard to put into words the spirit of these adventures. Thesaurus-riddled adjectives and stunning photography doesn’t even come close to telling our story – that doesn’t mean we’re not willing to try. Simply put, we offer journeys of the soul in a place as close to heaven on earth as you can imagine. Our helicopters swiftly reach rarely seen breath-taking destinations. Our mountain guides share their love of this land as you hike, walk, photograph, summit or climb amid these glorious mountain ranges. Based from refined, backcountry mountain lodges, we offer adventures that range from the calmly serene to wildly spirited. And every one of our guests is welcomed as though they’re part of the CMH family, because they are.

At CMH our mission is to offer every person, of any age and any ability, the opportunity to experience an incredible mountain adventure in style and comfort. This is not something that’s put on a plaque and hung on the wall. It’s something that each staff member believes in their soul before they are even hired. A CMH lodge is the sort of place where a customized fortune cookie on your bed on arrival is the norm and staff and guests dine and laugh together just like old friends.

One part of our story that’s easy to tell is how this place and these adventures change the lives of those who experience them. This is a place that lifts your soul, heightens your senses, and entices you to journey outward and inward at the same time. Whether you’re a first-timer, a frequenter, a kid, an adult, a family, a couple, daring, or laid back… you will leave having been moved. Yes, you’ll leave with the usual grandiose pictures and notes and keepsakes. More importantly, however, you will leave with stories. Some you’ll tell, and some you’ll keep within. Regardless, great adventures make for great stories. Join us. And discover your CMH story.

We welcome guests of all ages and offer a variety of trips. Choose from Family Adventures, Photography Workshops, or a Short Escape to recharge and reconnect with nature. Perhaps our High-Flying Adventure and a turn on the Bobbie Burns Via Ferrata is more your style!

Perfectly suited for families and hikers of any pace, the Columbia Mountains are waiting for you to hike, run, climb and explore where few others have ventured. When helicopters are the normal mode of transportation, fences are absent and laughter is required, a CMH Family Adventure will soon become your family’s most memorable destination.

We think it’s the only place on earth where you can find an adventure like this while staying at a beautiful backcountry lodge with a chef, pastry chef, fully stocked wine cellar and a massage therapist… We’d love for you to join us and experience something that’s Just North of Amazing. Start exploring your next journey at justnorthofamazing.com.

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