6 reasons to switch to Wireless Home Phone!


How does the saying go? There’s no place like home. There’s also no home phone like a wireless home phone. Normally, when you think of wireless services, you think of a cellphone or a smartphone that you can carry with you in your pocket or bag. It’s portable and convenient. It’s arguably an obvious replacement to a landline based on mobility alone; although a home phone as an innate ability to convey a sense of security. What if you could have that security and portability at the same time? What if you could save money as well?

A wireless home phone is a service that enables you to use your existing wired telephone to connect to a cellular network.  You could say that your home phone also doubles as your cellphone. There are advantages to switching your landline connection to a wireless home phone connection, here are a few that you should take into consideration:

Low-Cost Alternative

For most, saving money is reason enough to commit to a service. Through Zoomer Wireless, you can enjoy unlimited Canada-wide calling for a low monthly fee. There are also low cost long distance add-ons to help you connect to friends and loved ones outside of Canada.

Calling “Free’tures

On top of unlimited Canada-wide calling, the wireless home phone plan from Zoomer Wireless also includes a variety of value-added calling features for free, including: enhanced voicemail, call display, call waiting, conference calling and call forwarding!

Easy Setup

How easy is it to set up your current landline? You plug in your phone jack into the wall, right? Not always; setting up standard home phone service often requires a scheduled appointment with a service technician. Setting up your new wireless home phone is just as easy as connecting it to a power outlet and connecting it to your existing handset. No waiting around for a house call!


What do you do with your home phone when you are travelling? Do you forward the number? Do you call in to check your messages when you can? With the wireless home phone, you can take your number with you, wherever you go in Canada. No need to maintain a second line at the cottage, or worse, not have a phone line at all. Pack up your phone with you and plug it in when you get to your destination. You still use your same wireless home phone number. You can also have fun confusing callers who thought you were supposed to be on a trip.

One Bill

If you’re an existing Zoomer Wireless customer, you can benefit from only having one wireless bill to look after. If you can’t be without bills, you can at least experience the convenience of only have to pay one bill for your wireless and wireless home phone services.


In cases of power outages, or emergency situations while away from home, the wireless home phone device will still help you stay connected, even if there aren’t any outlets to plug into. The included battery gives you 36 hours of standby and 3 hours of talk time.

The Wireless Home Phone service has reinvented the home phone experience. If you have been unsure if you feel confident learning how to use a wireless phone, why not turn your well-known, well understood home phone and take it wireless instead?

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