Now that we’re in the homestretch of holiday season, it’s time to make an action plan that will help take the stress out of often unavoidable last-minute holiday shopping excursions.

To make it really simple, keep everything in the palm of your hand and use your smartphone as your go-to resource for everything this holiday season.

Treat your smartphone like your secret weapon and use it to……

Make a list and check it twice – It might sound simple, but so many of us neglect to make a list before we brave any stores this year.  But, forget the pen a paper and go mobile.  From holiday décor and hostess gifts to stocking stuffers for the little ones and gifts for your spouse, create and keep your holiday to-do lists on your phone and stay organized on the go.  In the hectic holiday chaos, you will be glad to have your lists saved in one place.

Tap to Pay for Purchases Under $100 – Leave your heavy wallet at home this holiday season!  Your smartphone with the mobile app and activated Scotiabank My Mobile Wallet is literally all you need to do all your holiday shopping for debit and credit purchases under $100 – perfect for stocking up on many gifts for your loved ones this holiday season.

Price check and research product availability – There is nothing worse than sitting on hold with a retailer during the holidays or driving to a store, only to find out they don’t have the right size in that cashmere sweater you wanted for your daughter.  This holiday season, use your smartphone to research prices on your favourite product and availability at stores before venturing out –once you get in-store, make your payment process simple using My Mobile Wallet to tap and pay.

This holiday season, be sure to leave all the clutter and baggage at home! Tap to pay all holiday season by downloading the Scotiabank mobile banking app and activating the My Mobile Wallet.