Into the Unknown: Colette Baron-Reid’s Uncharted Journey

Travel isn’t difficult if you’ve got a handy map or smartphone app to guide you along, but what about inward spiritual journeys? Is there a GPS for the soul? Signposts along the inner path toward the unknown? While spiritual journeys may not come with a bubbly tour guide, you could connect with Colette Baron-Reid, renowned psychic medium, intuitive counselor, author and television host.

The 58-year-old bottomed out in the mid-1980s, saving herself from a life of drugs and alcohol by surrendering to the unknown. “I had a spiritual awakening,” she says, “and my life was forever altered.” After years of embarking on her own personal journeys, Baron-Reid hopes to help others map a spiritual path with her latest book Uncharted: The Journey Through Uncertainty to Infinite Possibility. She recently spoke with Zoomer.

MIKE CRISOLAGO: What exactly is an Uncharted journey?

COLETTE BARON-REID: The Uncharted Journey refers to an inward spiritual exploration and discovery that begins by asking yourself questions about what you truly desire, what you believe and why, how your past experience and environment and choices influence your current thinking and behaviour. It’s a journey that is meant to push you out of your comfort zone to explore things that are brand new and as of yet unknown to you. In stepping into the unknown you’ll begin to reclaim things about yourself you’ve lost such as confidence, or creativity, a new definition of God perhaps, and find that you become a new version of yourself. The Uncharted Journey is also one of self-evolution, growth and wisdom. It’s about changing your thinking, feelings, beliefs, and basic worldview from disconnected to connected, from separated to an intrinsic part of a unified whole.

MC: How can this type of journey benefit the average person?

CBR: The average person doesn’t exist once you choose to surrender to a new life, a new trust, etc. You activate a divine spark within you that then leads you to a greater sense of awe and reverence, renewed excitement for life and what you can offer it and what you can receive from it.

MC: Could creating new maps to undiscovered inner realms prove difficult for boomers who’ve mapped the same course for decades?

CBR: I think the Uncharted journey beckons us as we age because … when we hit midlife and beyond, life gets real and we begin to question what is important. Perhaps you think you’re too old, there are not enough resources and you start to buy into the paradigm of disconnection, ageism. But what if what you desire is in the unknown waiting for you to discover it? You need to have faith that the world you dream of exists.

MC: Do digital distractions and an increasing pace of life interfere with our ability to connect with our inner self?

CBR: Absolutely. Stress is the main cause for maintaining an outlook of competition and separation. We have become addicted to our stress, our self- importance, our need to compete for what we perceive are limited resources. We need to go within, get empty. My friend and colleague Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “You need to want your new life more than your addiction to your past.”

MC: What are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about entering into a spiritual journey such as this?

CBR: Some are afraid that [they’ll] have to change so many things. Some may think this is a journey that is going to give them instant access to what they want. Others may feel that a spiritual journey such as the one I outline challenges their religious beliefs. One thing it does challenge is the idea that we live in separation and disconnection. Your worldview is going to have to shift to one of connection and unity and away from disconnection and competition.

MC: What would you say to those who are skeptical about the process and/or benefits of a spiritual journey such as Uncharted?

CBR: Skepticism is healthy. It’s when we get cynical because we hold on so tightly to our beliefs and known ideas that they become dogma. In this case I say it’s just an excuse to stay in your comfort zone, which for some people is being a victim of their lives. You need the experience to understand this journey before you can form an opinion. That said there are many paths. This is just one.

Uncharted: The Journey Through Uncertainty to Infinite Possibility is available in stores and online.