Monica Lewinsky, 50, Becomes the Face of Reformation’s “You’ve Got the Power” Voter Awareness Campaign

Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky is the face of Reformation’s voter awareness campaign, for which she also modelled their new clothing line. Photo: Courtesy of Reformation

In just 15 years, the eco-friendly clothing line Reformation – their cheeky-chic slogan is Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. Were #2 – has transformed from little-known LA vintage shop to behemoth brand staple on racks at Saks and Nordstrom. This is partly thanks to Reformations cult following in early aughts by 20-something celebrity shoppers (aka Ref babes”) like Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift. Both have matured since, as has the brand itself.

Reformation initially catered to those with model-like physiques (women between five feet six inches and five feet ten inches, and nothing larger than a size 12) and ample disposable income (a flowing, barely-there dress can easily top $400). The company added plus-size options in 2018, four years after its Im Up Here” collection catered to women with bigger boobs, and over the years has offered more affordable lines like The Obvious Collection and sister-company Reformation Jeans.

This month, the fast-fashion company that founder Yael Aflalo called Zara but with a soul” is getting another new look – an empowering (oval) office workwear line that’s at the forefront of their Youve Got the Power” voter awareness campaign and features none other than Monica Lewinsky, 50, as its face. 


Monica Lewinsky
Monica Lewinsky models Reformation’s Caden two-piece dress suit. The 50-year-old said in a recent interview that it took some convincing to get her to step in front of the camera and model the new clothing line. Photo: Courtesy of Reformation


In the 1990s Lewinsky, of course, went from unknown White House staffer to unfairly-maligned pop culture punchline – the infamous intern who engaged in “sexual relations” with the married President of the United States, Bill Clinton. In an era before talk of power dynamics (and the abuse of said dynamics) in relationships became public discourse, Lewinsky took the brunt of the flack for the affair with her boss – who just happened to be the most powerful man in the world.

Clinton survived impeachment and went on to fulfil two terms as POTUS, leaving office with a record high approval rating while Lewinsky’s reputation was destroyed. At the dawn of the internet age, she faced the onslaught of online bullying before there was even a term for it.

Now, after years spent in deliberate obscurity, Lewinsky is back in a big way. She made her initial return to the public spotlight a decade ago in the pages of Vanity Fair when she penned a scathing piece called Shame and Survival.” There, she rightfully called out the Clintons, feminists Erica Jong and Nancy Friday, late-night comedians and society as a whole for our shared cruelty and hypocrisy when it came to the presidential infidelity scandal of which she found herself in the middle.

Lewinskys since reinvented herself as a talented writer, sassy tweeter, film and TV-production-company owner and passionate anti-bullying and #MeToo advocate. Her TED Talk on public shaming has been viewed over 21 million times and she appears more confident and at ease than ever before, even as a fashion model. 

In a rare interview with Elle this week, Lewinsky noted that she turned 50 last July and that the year leading up to it was “a year of acceptance. I was able to accept so much about myself and my life and where I am.” She added that “I’m excited about this new decade and I’m hopeful – which, for someone with a lot of trauma, even saying that feels scary.”

She admits that she had to be convinced to pose in front of a camera for her Reformation clothing shoot. But with the help of a movement coach who called her “a natural,” the photos by next-gen celebrity photographer Zoey Grossman show Lewinsky looking more chic and confident than ever before. As she told Elle, “A Ref woman is an empowered woman, and an empowered woman uses her voice.”

My favourite shot has Lewinsky standing tall, arms defiantly crossed, donning head-to-toe (including tights) power-red and glaring right at you. Dont ef with me, her eyes say, although the official statement is far more polite and purposeful: Voting is using your voice to be heard, and its the most defining aspect of our democracy.”


Monica Lewinsky
Reformation’s Moya linen, two-piece dress in power red. Lewinsky said in a statement that “A Ref woman is an empowered woman, and an empowered woman uses her voice.” Photo: Courtesy of Reformation


The 16 pieces in Lewinskys Youve Got the Power” line at Reformation include the aforementioned red power-suit, a tailored two-piece bodice with A-line skirt; a belted Veda Ashland leather trench coat; a classic relaxed blazer available in chocolate plaid and off-white oyster; and a polka-dot Lysander Dress with a peek-a-boo back that would look great on me (hint hint). 

And, while not office-appropriate per se, the limited-addition crewneck sweatshirt with a Wonder Woman-esque Youve Got the Power!” emblazoned on it is surely the lines most collectable piece.

The pieces run the gamut from US$78 (the crewneck sweatshirt) to around $340 for many of the other pieces. The Veda Ashland leather trench coat comes in at around $1,000.   

Im admittedly distracted by the fashion, but the real point of all of the above is the prominent Now Go Vote” link at the bottom. In partnership with, where all proceeds from the limited-addition crewneck sweatshirt will be donated to make voting easier and more accessible, Lewinskys collaboration links to voting registration, reminder sign-ups of the general election on November 5 and user-friendly instructions for understanding the ballot and voting if you’re outside the US.


Monica Lewinsky
The Veda Ashland leather trench coat, which retails at close to US$800, is at the higher end of the retail scale for the new clothing line that aims to encourage people to get out to vote. Photo: Courtesy of Reformation


One in five American voters used in 2020, making it the largest nonpartisan voter registrations platform in the country. As it is in Canada, voter turnout is an ongoing challenge in the U.S. – about two-thirds of eligible voters cast their ballot in the last presidential election, which is actually higher than Canadas last count, where 62 per cent of eligible Canucks voted in 2021. Since young people are especially apathetic, campaigns like Lewinsky’s are trying hard to make voting chic. 

Its pretty simple,” the (for obvious reasons) still media-shy Lewinsky said in a released statement. Voting is using our voice to be heard and its the most defining – and powerful – aspect of democracy. Voting is always important, but the stakes are especially high this year with voter frustration and apathy threatening to meaningfully impact turnout. Im excited and grateful to be working with Reformation to remind people to register, use their voice and VOTE! A Ref woman is an empowered woman – and an empowered woman uses her voice.”

Other empowered women like Jessica Biel, Amy Schumer and Demi Lovato have similarly used their wide platforms to promote the voting cause, as have Reformation super-fans Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift. In the circle of fabulously-dressed so-called Ref babes,” voting is always in style.


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